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The Bayou : A Taste of the American Deep South

A swampy wilderness, vibrant jazz clubs and sunlit beaches – explore this region that transports you to the Deep South.

In the Southern United States, The Bayou is a term used for extremely slow-moving streams or rivers that contain brackish water which is highly conducive to aquatic life. The Mississippi River Delta is home to many such bayous in several states in the south. Sim designer Camila Runo attempts to create the vibes of the Deep South in The Bayou, an engaging region that will fill your mind with wonder and awe.

Our journey in The Bayou starts at the pier, where we can see the iconic Dixie Belle docked. Simply right click on the ship and select Sit Here to try out a number of poses and click some pictures on board this famous riverboat. This entire region is full of photo opportunities and do not miss out on any of them!

The main street in town – The Bayou

The pier we land on connects to a wooden bridge that stretches across the river. A short walk to the left will lead you into a town with a lively atmosphere; another choice is to cross the river and follow the elevated walkway to arrive at Roady’s biker bar – a pub surrounded by dense jungle on all sides. This area is rich in bird life. It is impossible to miss a flock of flamingos feeding in the shallow waters along the way. Not so far from the pub, you will be able to spot an alligator resting on the banks of the river – a stark reminder of the fact that danger lurks in these forests around every corner.

If you choose to not cross the river at this point but rather turn left and head into town, you can always explore the pub using a motor boat later. Some of the things you will notice in this lively town as soon as you enter are the vibrant colors, an abundance of artistic graffiti along with a deep influence of Jazz and Blues, both of which form an essential part of music in the Deep South.

A sunlit beach – The Bayou

From the end of the main street, it is just a short walk to the beach where you can find many spots perfect for a picnic or just to cuddle up with your partner. To the south of the beach is the Alligator farm, where you can see alligators feeding on chunks of meat that have been thrown to them. A sign on the gate reads : “Keep this gate CLOSED at all times!” But this is of course the virtual world and I am sure you will be tempted to open it and step into the enclosure for a closer look.

Alligator farm – The Bayou

From the town, another path leads off to a small dock, where a motor boat is waiting for you to take it for a ride. In my opinion, this is the best way to explore the marshlands of The Bayou. The small boat is perfect to navigate the narrow waterways with dense vegetation growing on either side. In the midst of the swamp, you will encounter a small cabin that depicts a darker side of the Deep South – Voodoo.

You will be able to see a number of relics related to this obscure form of black magic in this cabin, including a creepy voodoo doll with needles pierced in it. It is said that voodoo originally came to the United States from West Africans whose traditions merged with those of the local Catholics to give it the form we see it in today. Some skulls, bones and a couple of snakes can also be seen in his cabin, giving it a wild and fearsome look.

Cabin in the woods – The Bayou

You can use the boat to cruise the waterways of The Bayou and take it for a ride around the entire region. If you have missed a visit to Roady’s, now would be a great time to do it.

The region of Bayou provides ample photo opportunities and you will surely capture some memorable images here. There are a number of places where you can have a great time relaxing while enjoying the distinctly Southern tunes that always play in this region. You can spend quality time here with your partner while finding spots for a cuddle or even have a barbeque party with your friends by the riverside.

The Bayou gives you a taste of the Deep South as you explore its wild swamps, vibrant jazz clubs, sunny beaches and an alligator farm. Click HERE to explore this region inworld.

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