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The Brittle Epoch : An Immersive Installation by Bryn Oh

Bryn’s much-awaited build – The Brittle Epoch – has opened its doors and it is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating installations you will come across in a long time!

Bryn Oh is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating artists who use Second Life as a medium to create art which can be enjoyed both within the virtual and the physical worlds. One of the things that differentiates Bryn from other artists is the immersivity of her builds. Bryn’s creations appeal to multiple senses while the interactive nature of the builds forms a highly effective connection with visitors.

Apart from being an incredible creator of 3D artwork in Second Life, Bryn also happens to be a master storyteller. Many of her builds come with a story attached (The Singularity of Kumiko, The Hand) and it is the visualization of this story in the 3D virtual world that makes the experience of visiting a Bryn Oh build even more exciting.

The Brittle Epoch by Bryn Oh – Immersiva

At the landing point, it is necessary to get your settings right for getting the best experience out of The Brittle Epoch. Two things are of paramount importance – one is to use Shared Environment and the other is to have Shadows set to Sun/Moon + Projector. The Brittle Epoch is essentially a sequel to Hand, so if you haven’t been to hand or wish to recap, now would be a great time to do it. The best way is to visit Hand (now in the adjoining region) or watch the machinima (view HERE), a link to which is also available near the information zone at the landing point.

Once you are equipped and ready to move ahead, step through the door ahead and click the panel in front of you. If you haven’t yet accepted the Bryn Oh experience, you will be asked to accept it. This experience attaches the HUD which narrates the story to your screen. The HUD is quite easy to use and also has a feature where you can listen to the story being narrated by Bryn instead of reading it.

The Brittle Epoch by Bryn Oh – Immersiva

The experience will also teleport you to the starting point of the build where we see an airship boarding for departure. This is an airship that will take us on a trip to the suburbs in the midst of a harsh winter. The protagonist of the story still remains Flutter, the girl whose conversations with a mannequin hand formed the focus of Hand by Bryn Oh. In The Brittle Epoch, she is accompanied by her friend, Juniper, as they wander the suburbs, discovering a number of interesting things within the deserted wintery landscape that awaits them.

Although The Brittle Epoch is an experiential build, it never feels like we are watching a movie that has been already created. Bryn has made her build interactive, so that we play an active part in the experience. Throughout this build it is important to remember one word – CLICK! Clicking on various things within the build leads you on different kinds of experiences, an example being the story of Medusa which has been narrated from the view point of the monstrous Gorgon, something which we don’t generally come across. This can be accessed by clicking on the statue of Medusa in one of the bungalows which still has some power.

The Brittle Epoch by Bryn Oh – Immersiva

While you are making your way through the build, keep on the look out for a tone which signifies a new scene in the story has been unlocked. Only through reading or listening to the narration via the HUD can one fully experience The Brittle Epoch. For this particular project, Bryn created 30 limited edition sculptures of dancers, which are also available for sale in RL as seven-inch bronze figurines. More information about it can be availed through her BLOG.

Bryn creates each and every element in her builds by herself, which explains the large amount of time taken upon it. The Brittle Epoch is a build that has been in making for several months now and when you experience it, you will realize that every minute spent on it has born fruit. The second part of the trilogy that was kickstarted by Hand takes the story of Flutter even further, setting the scene for a concluding build we can’t wait to experience.


  1. The Brittle Epoch – Immersiva

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