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The Empty Town by Lunaspina Anatine Opens TODAY!

Lunaspina Anatine’s exhibition, The Empty Town, opens at Art Korner TODAY at 1 pm SLT with performances by Bsukmet and Fly Kugin. Be there and enjoy this fascinating experience!

About the Exhibit

Our living spaces were never designed to be empty.

A town needs activity. Without the buzz of people, the empty streets start to develop a haunting and eerie atmosphere.

Whether it be the Soviet ghost towns or the many cities which went into a complete shutdown after the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the deserted streets always reflected the collective fear and anxiety within the people.

However, somewhere within this jarring emptiness is also a beauty …

While an uneasy calmness can be sensed through the images, there is an equally stunning beauty in the composition and the silence these images evoke.

Recommended Settings

Please use Shared Environment World -> Environment -> Use Shared Environment

Please use Advanced Lighting Model Avatar -> Preferences -> Graphics -> General Ensure that the box next to Advanced Lighting Model (under the list of Shaders) is ticked.

Exhibition Credits

  1. Artwork – Lunaspina Anatine

  2. Exhibit Decor/Lighting – Frank Atisso, Jeanie (jeanienabottle)

  3. Poster Design – Kathy Galewind

We hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy this exhibition at Art Korner!


  1. The Empty Town – Art Korner, DeJu

Opening TODAY 1 pm SLT with performances by Bsukmet and Fly Kugin

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