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The Fascinating Landscapes of Mareea Farrasco

A new exhibition at the Kondor Art Square features the diverse landscape photographs created by Mareea Farrasco, owner and curator of the IMAGO Art Gallery.

Unlike what some might think, creating stunning landscapes is no walk in the park. A famous quote by Ansel Adams gets it right: “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer — and often the supreme disappointment.” It is not easy to look at a scene and summarize your feelings in that moment within a single frame. Using the perfect lighting and contrast, good landscape photographers build the scene in a way that it draws the viewer into the moment and evokes the very same emotions within him or her.

Mareea Farrasco – Kondor Art Square

Mareea Farrasco is what I would call a “specialist” when it comes to landscapes. And this is amply evident through the works she showcases at the Kondor Art Square in her latest exhibition. For this particular display, the sea and the varied landscapes surrounding it have been a big source of inspiration for Mareea. If you have visited her own region IMAGOland, you may be familiar with some of the locations seen in the photographs.

However, in this exhibition, Mareea also wanders to lands beyond her own region by incorporating some stunning images taken at other beautiful places on the grid as well. She portrays each location in a beautiful manner that makes you crave to be there in that frame and experience the moment along with the natural beauty of the scene depicted.

Mareea Farrasco – Kondor Art Square

Each landscape portrays a variety of emotions – some dark, most on the lighter side. Pastel colors is what Mareea favors to use in her works and I really like the hues and shades she is able to create with them. “Lavender” – one of my personal favorites at the exhibition – is a brilliant example of how she uses this beautiful color to generate moods of love in the image. Placed right next to “Mystery Land“, which is significantly darker and shrouded in mystery, the contrasting emotions of both artworks come to the fore in a striking manner.

One remarkable feature in most of Mareea’s works at the Kondor Art Square is her ability to capture the beauty of water. Sometimes, it is the still water of a lake, while at other times, they are the turbulent waters of the sea. The realistic nature of the reflections, the colors and the ripples created on the surface of the water is something that makes Mareea’s already-stunning images even more special.

Mareea’s work will be on display at the Kondor Art Square for almost a month. Click HERE to visit this stunning exhibition and be fascinated by her diverse landscapes

Check out more of Mareea’s work on her FLICKR page

Tip: While you are here, please also visit the Kondor Art Collection, featuring a new set of works from Hermes Kondor’s personal collection.

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