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The Hollow Land and the Gyres of Time

This installation at SLEA Region 6 by Dune Outlander and Serenity Mercier makes us reflect upon how the events from our past continue to affect our present and future.

A new installation by Dune Outlander and Serenity Mercier has opened at Region 6 of the Second Life Endowment for the Arts. Titled "The Hollow Land", this installation is a regionwide build that is not just visually spectacular and perfect for photography, but it is also rich in some interesting narratives that blossom out of the artists' mind.

Dune and Serenity's installations are themed around spectrality - the ways that events from the past continue to haunt our experiences in the present and future. The installation tells a story through visual cues. Taken as a whole, the cues unfold a narrative about the relationship between colonization and climate change.

There are two levels to this installation:

  • The Hollow Land

  • The Gyres of Time

The Hollow Land is spread across the ground level where we land at. From here, two experience teleporters take us up to the second level - The Gyres of Time - which is high up in the sky. The teleporters are not too hard to locate and can be easily found if you explore the build.

The Gyres of Time is built as a circular maze and once dropped at the entrance of the maze, it is up to the visitor to traverse the maze and come out onto the other side. As you navigate the Gyres of Time, look for the walls that will give you pages from the Journals of Lazarus Outlander as you touch them.

The minimalist landscape of The Hollow Land with a windlight that bathes the land in a warm glow, casting some beautiful shadows, makes it a photographer's delight and an unforgettable journey for any visitor.

Here are some more photos of this incredible installation:

We hope you enjoy your journey through both this special installation which is a visual spectacle to behold.



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