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The Incal and the 4 Mazes : An Installation by Betty Tureaud

In her latest installation at Akikaze, Betty presents four well-designed mazes based on different themes, each of which poses a different challenge and offers a ton of fun.

Betty Tureaud’s latest installation at Akikaze (part of the Akipelago) takes subtle inspiration from The Incal, a French graphic novel illustrated by Jean Giraud (a.k.a. Moebius), which is widely considered to be one of the most impressive achievements in comic book art and science fiction. This installation in the virtual world also pays fitting tribute to this master of comic art, who revolutionized the genre in many ways.

The landing point – Betty Tureaud at Akikaze

The installation consists of four huge block buildings, each containing a maze with a different theme. Soaring above these mazes is a giant Incal, shooting a light beam that moves around the buildings, penetrating their solid exteriors and entering within.

Betty recommends us to set our Draw Distance to at least 250 m to get a complete view both outside and within each of the mazes. At the landing point, we are confronted by four objects – an Incal, an eyeball, a pink buzz fly and a cube textured with something resembling a noisy signal – each of which act as teleporters to the different mazes.

A buzz fly at Betty Tureaud’s installation – Akikaze

There are two more objects here, one which will give you Betty’s bio while another that acts as a rezzer for a flyable buzz fly, which one can use to navigate the skies above this installation. This is a really fun experience as Betty has also included some fun animations above the Incal, which allow you to float around it.

The four mazes are each based on an element – Space, Earth, Techno, Mind. As Betty reminds us in the introductory notecard, the fifth element here is YOU (the visitor). The objective in each maze, is to reach the center of each maze, where a gift awaits for you.

The Space Maze – Betty Tureaud at Akikaze

Taking the TP off the Incal will take you to the maze based on the space element, which remains a mystery to humans even today. The walls of the maze are textured with a serene blue texture that evokes a sense of mystery. Along the way, you will find a number of spheres, which have been textured using NASA’s images of the moon.

The Mind Maze – Betty Tureaud at Akikaze

The floor of the Mind maze is like a chessboard. As you attempt to solve the maze, the gaze of eyeballs follows you all along the way. A number of other organs can also be found in the halls of this maze such as a tongue, a hand and a few floating brains.

The Earth Maze – Betty Tureaud at Akikaze

Earth has become synonymous with life and it is the many creatures of this planet that inhabit Betty’s Earth maze. Green, blue and brown – the primary colors that define the scenery of our planet can be found in the pixelated texturing done on the walls and the floor of this maze.

The Techno Maze – Betty Tureaud at Akikaze

At various points in the Techno maze, rows of binary code can be seen streaming on an invisible panel in the air. The floor and walls are textured with something that resembles glitchy backgrounds or a noisy signal.

The mazes are each unique in their design and while they are not too difficult to solve (under 10 minutes for each), you are sure to get stuck at a few places and will need to wander around and reach some dead ends before finding the right path.

Betty Turead’s new build at Akikaze is extremely intriguing and quite fun to explore in a group or with your partner. The mazes are almost like a game which you will enjoy playing with your friends. “The Incal and the 4 Mazes” is packed with loads of fun and surprises and is an installation you should not miss.


  1. The Incal and the 4 Mazes – Betty Tureaud

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