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The Little Heaven Photographers' Contest

The Little Heaven photo contest is open to all photographers with a prize pool of L$50,000! Interested yet? Read more below!

The fantasy-filled, magical region of Little Heaven is hosting another photographer's contest for all the photographers who missed the previous one with a total prize pool of L$50,000!

Deadline for submission of entries was originally set for December 25th, however due to it being holiday season and a busy/unpredictable time in RL for most people, it has been shifted to the beginning of January. Exact date will be announced soon.


  • 1st Winner - L$20,000

  • 2nd Winner - L$15,000

  • 3rd Winner - L$10,000

  • 4th Winner - L$5,000

Judging & Winner Declaration

  • Photos will be judged & picked through the FLICKR group page.

  • The contest winners will be announced at The Little Heaven themed party! The theme will be about Harry Potter, and there will be awards for the best looks!

  • Stay tuned for the date of the party, it will be decided soon.

Terms & Conditions

  • The photo must be taken in The Little Heaven land.

  • You need to upload your photo into The Little Heaven's FLICKR group

  • Your photo must be high quality

  • Put the land location under your photo.

  • Landscape photos are accepted as a participation.

  • Sexuality or nudity in photos are NOT allowed.

  • Participation is for all ages, which means kids can participate as well.

  • Add us on The Little Heaven's FLICKR Group & DISCORD.

  • We do respect your taste & skills, but creativity and high quality photos with great editing is what you need to win this contest, so it's up to you!

  • If you fulfill all conditions, please send I Pancake a Notecard inworld with all your details on, including calling card + the Flickr link of your photo, but if the photo does not meet the conditions, you will NOT be consider as a participant.

Please contact . ꜱᴜ . (su.salty) for any queries or further details


If u have issues with Discord add su salty#8001 and she will invite you.


Upcoming Events



Location: Artsville

Saturday, February 5th

12 pm - 2 pm SLT

Music bu hEIN!

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