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The Melt - Exploring a Stunning Installation by London Junkers

London Junkers' latest installation is visually stunning and touches upon themes of global warming and the rapidly melting glaciers, which pose a threat to our planet if left unchecked.

An art form often inspires another. London Junkers' installations are a testament to this. London is not only one of the most inspiring 3D artists in Second Life but he is also a wonderful poet. Visitors to his past installations will know that the basis of his work are poems written in his own words.

This pattern once again repeats in "The Melt", London's latest installation at the Love & Love Factory Art Gallery. The poem, in this instance, is written from the perspective of an iceberg that is melting away under the harsh sunlight.

To best view this installation set your viewer to Shared Environment (Toolbar > World > Environment > Use Shared Environment). Also enable Advanced Lighting Model. To understand the piece it is recommended you click the book in the side to receive the poem in which this build is inspired. To read it, just ADD the object you will receive.

London's installations have often touched on social issues which affect us all. We have seen him touch upon even the most political topics through an installation about the dangers to democracy at Sinful Retreat. In "The Melt", he focuses on global warming, a subject which is definitely not talked about as much as it should be.

The results of all research conducted so far related to the global ice melt has been positively chilling. As an example, when the Glacier National park was created in 1910, it was home to roughly 150 glaciers. Today, less than 30 remain of which many have shrunk to a size smaller than two-thirds their original size.

London's build depicts an iceberg floating in the ocean, with a large portion of its body inside water, while only about 10% is above the water. We can see chunks of ice breaking away from the main iceberg. The skeleton of a whale is a grim reminder of what the future holds in store for us if global warming is allowed to continue unchecked.

"The Melt" by London Junkers is an engaging installation immersed in beautiful shades of blue with a subtle message that will stay in your mind long after you leave the exhibit space.


  • The Melt - Love & Love Factory Art Gallery


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