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The Outer Garden : Magical with a Whimsical Twist

This mystical realm, comprising of three gardens of unmatched beauty, will leave you in awe …

Gardens and parks are not the most difficult places to find in Second Life. You can find them by the dozen if you look through the Destination Guide. But the phantasmagorical landscape you will be able to see, feel and experience at The Outer Garden is something truly unique and out-of-this world.

Now in its sixth year, The Outer Garden has undergone several changes and been modified a number of times to attain the form it is in now. The creator and owner, Bisou Dexler, considers himself to be a gardener rather than a sim designer. And just as any devoted gardener would, he tends to his beautiful gardens with love and care.

Bisou hails from Japan and incorporates elements of Japanese gardens in his designs. All his gardens have a magical, romantic atmosphere about them along with some unorthodox elements in the design. The Outer Garden is a fantastic place to walk around and spend time with your partner, or to click some incredible pictures.

The soothing, soulful music in the background complements the scene really well. The Outer Garden is a paradise for photographers. One can literally click a picture anywhere in the gardens here and it will surely turn out to be stunning because of high amount of design effort that has gone into getting the aesthetics right.

Bisou changes, replaces and adds gardens within this region from time to time. Currently, the region is home to three beautiful gardens – The White Garden, The Furthest Light and The Traveling Carnival.

The White Garden

On arriving at The Outer Garden, the first of its beautiful gardens that we witness is this one. A quick look at the surroundings will tell you why it is so named. The landscape of the White Garden is dominated by sheets of snow on the ground. Faint shades of blue and yellow light up the trees in this region.

Everything in this garden has an aura of fairytale magic about it. As you explore this garden, you will come across some really beautiful, wondrous locations with a whimsical touch to them.

A tilted merry-go-round without horses; rideable teacups flung into the air; a heavenly restaurant serving little chicks; a beautiful, romantic cave with a mermaid mannequin – these are just some of the interesting places you will find here.

There is no recommended path to follow. The garden may seem large at first sight, but just start exploring in one direction and you will soon be able to find your way. This is one of the most beautiful places in the region where you can spend quality time with your partner.

Once you are done exploring the White Garden, make your way back to the landing point and tap the looking glass (a courteous nod to Alice in Wonderland) to proceed to …

The Furthest Light

The landing point of the second garden in this region is inside a structure resembling the Tour de Marlborough in France. Upon opening the door, we step out onto a bed of white grass covering the wooden floor, In front of us is one of the most fascinating and magical sights – a fairytale castle surrounded by all kinds of things in a messy but beautiful array.

“The Furthest Light – The End of Prayer” is the latest addition to The Outer Garden and was added by Bisou in November 2020. This spectacular garden is a direct glimpse into the mind of the artist himself.

Originally, the creator had planned on making two parts to this garden, but after the Covid-19 pandemic, now that we have all faced behavioral restrictions in some form or the other, he decided to cut out the introductory part as it was too peaceful, in his opinion, to be incorporated within this build.

“The Furthest Light” is a marvelous, truly one-of-a-kind creation by Bisou Dexler with help from Aki (aki69), his partner. After you have soaked in the beauty and grandeur of this garden, return to the looking glass and move on to …

The Traveling Carnival

The Traveling Carnival recently completed two years since its opening in January 2019 and remains one of the most unconventional and impressive gardens in the region. True to the spirit of a carnival, one can see a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round and some tea-cup rides. However things here are even more whimsical and quirkier than at The White Garden.

The Ferris Wheel is visibly tilted to one side. The tea-cup rides, a couple of trees, some balloons, pennant garlands, a merry-go-round and all sorts of things can be seen flying haphazardly on one side of the Ferris Wheel, almost as if the wheel was a gigantic table fan blowing air in that direction.

In another part of this garden, we can see an elaborate, long roller-coaster that has been rather clumsily constructed from wood and iron. Looking closer, we realize that parts of the roller-coaster are missing and a ride on this one will not end well!

If you look up into the sky, you will be able to see a number of balloons and among them … a train! These quirky, whimsical, magical elements that blend in with the surroundings so perfectly are what make The Traveling Carnival a great spot for photography, for amusement and for having an amazing time.

The beauty of these gardens is bound to leave you speechless. Click HERE to visit The Outer Garden inworld.

You can also stay updated on The Outer Garden through Bisou Dexler’s BLOG

Share your pictures on The Outer Garden FLICKR Group

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