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The Path to Buchhaim at Zamonia

Endless flowering fields, isolated spots and heaps of books – find it all at this stunning region that takes inspiration from a fantasy book series.

Zamonia is the fictional continent where the books of Walter Moers grouped as the “Zamonia Series” take place. The Empire of Dreaming Books – the last build in the series – featured a vast system of tunnels and catacombs that were worth getting lost in. The Path to Buchhaim takes a very different route with enchanting fields, burbling streams and charming cozy spots to lounge at.

It is not necessary at all for you to have read the book series on which this sim bases itself upon; this is a build that can be enjoyed by everyone. We start our journey through this dreamy landscape at a weeping willow tree that happens to be next to a crossroads. There is no structure to the paths one can take through this incredible region. I suggest you to start exploring down one of the paths and see where it takes you.

As you start exploring this wonderful location, you will realize that The Path to Buchhaim is not a path at all but rather a grid of connected paths, leading to many different places, spread out through the land of Zamonia. Some might lead you to a simple wind and water mill in the midst of golden fields, while others will have you swimming in huge piles of hundreds of books.

Much like the Empire of Dreaming Books, this region is also peppered with books, piles of books and stacks of books at many places, even some rather unexpected ones. Perhaps the most prominent location in this region is the town of Buchhaim (or Bookholm) itself, the entrance archway to which is made from a number of books stacked on top of each other, with the converging stacks supported by a bookling (a creature from the Zamonia series).

Within the town, you will also find a portal which takes you to some other regions on the grid which you can choose to explore after you have spent time here. A visit to this region is not to be rushed. One can only truly get the essence of Buchhaim and its surroundings after having spent a long time here.

Photographers will find incredible opportunities for photography all over this region. Books of all sizes and shapes can be found here, thus providing us with some truly unique shots. Rez rights can be availed by joining the group. The Path to Buchhaim is a place that can be enjoyed by everyone, but especially by those who love the simple joy of reading.


  1. The Path to Buchhaim – Zamonia



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