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The Ritual : A Haunting at Frogmore

The region of Frogmore, which takes inspiration from the coast of Cornwall, has come up with a new build specially for Halloween. Discover The Ritual at Frogmore!

Halloween 2021 is just around the corner and a variety of temporary builds have sprung up all over the grid. While we have already published a post about some of the scariest, spookiest places on the grid (see HERE), the list is definitely not exhaustive and thus, we plan to cover more Halloween-themed destinations in the days leading up to Halloween.

Located on a platform high above the Cornwall-themed region of Frogmore, a favorite among photographers and explorers alike, The Ritual is a haunting experience that will definitely spook you out. The environment is dark but friendly, with swirls of misty fog rising from the earth to cover parts of the landscape. Most trees are devoid of any leaves, their barren trunks further enhancing the sense of menace in the atmosphere.

The Ritual at Frogmore – Frogmore

We land towards the end of a narrow, deserted alley where a skeleton sitting in a chair is the sole witness to our arrival. Passing through a curtain of foliage, which has now covered the gateway to The Ritual, we find ourselves on a dirt road in a dark, haunting landscape that is sure to send a sharp chill up anyone’s spine.

A haunting melody meets our ears as we take in the landscape before us. To the left of the dirt road stretching out before us lies a spooky graveyard. A few houses can be seen on either side of the road; they can be easily reached by following a series of stone steps leading up to each of them. As you keep walking along the road, you will come across a number of skeletons in the thickets in a variety of poses.

The Ritual at Frogmore – Frogmore

Not much further down the road, a large iron gate greets us. To its left you will be able to find a chair to sit next to the only marked tombstone in another small graveyard. Make sure you take a moment to pose in the chair for a perfect Halloween-themed photograph.

Beyond the rusty iron gate flows a polluted dark river whose waters have turned dark and undrinkable. Clouds of mist and fog can be seen billowing in the air at several places, thus lending a haunted atmosphere to the already-spooky landscape. A fallen tree trunk acts as a bridge by means of which we can cross the stream, whose waters are almost hidden from view because of the dense fog covering it.

The Ritual at Frogmore – Frogmore

The part of the build which lies beyond the stream is perhaps the most exciting part of The Ritual and contains a number of places that will surely spook you out including a witch’s lair, complete with cauldrons of potions boiling over a fire, a haunted house covered in cobwebs and inhabited by spirits of the dead, and a graveyard covered in a creepy fog, all of which makes this a must-visit destination this Halloween season.

Rather than simple jump scares, The Ritual relies much more on intense atmosphere building and manages to effortlessly draw you in and keep you engaged with the wide variety of things it has to offer such as the witchy cauldrons, the devilish gargoyles and Cerberus, Hades’s three-headed hound which guards the gates of hell.

The Ritual at Frogmore – Frogmore

Halloween is essentially derived from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which marks the end of the harvest season and announces the arrival of the cold, harsh winters. While this is true, for me personally, Halloween is all about facing your fears and overcoming them.

The Ritual is a fascinating build that you will surely enjoy. With each visit, I am sure you will discover hidden nooks and corners that you had missed previously. This is also the perfect place to capture some Halloween-themed photographs with your gang, which will serve as a beautiful memory of an exciting visit. Visit The Ritual at Frogmore today and face your fears this Halloween!


  1. The Ritual – Frogmore

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