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The Shambles - Tolla Crisp's Latest Masterpiece

Magic and fantasy meet an old English village in this incredible build that provides a wide array of opportunities for photography and exploration.

Tolla Crisp never ceases to amaze with the range of new destinations she creates within her set of regions. The Shambles is just the latest addition to this list and the flavor of magic which can be enjoyed here is sublime.

With respect to area, this is a relatively small build, situated on a small island of its own in The Hidden. The island of The Shambles takes up roughly half of the region, however, the amount of incredible things that can be found within this small area is truly fascinating.

The rain never lets up in The Shambles but that is an inherent part of its beauty. Soaked in a relentless rain shower, the magic of the Shambles is in the attention to details and the amount of incredible stuff that can be uncovered by looking into the open shops on the side of the lane.

Other than the waterfront and the meat pie shop found at the northern end of the island, most of the build consists of a lane that runs from north to south, along the length of the island on which it is situated.

In the physical world, The Shambles is an old street in York with buildings dating back to the fourteenth century, which used to be a market with many butcher shops, lining the narrow lane. While the architecture is definitely reminiscent of the same, the touch of fantasy which Tolla has applied to it provides a completely different atmosphere making it seem like a place straight out of the Harry Potter universe.

Here are some glimpses of The Shambles:

Photographers can avail rezzing rights here by joining the Frogmore Land Management group at the landing point for free.


Please share your photos to the Frogmore FLICKR group


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