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The SL TheARTer Spotlight - Blue Orange Love & Peace Festival

Check out this latest episode by The SL TheARTer which gives you a glimpse of the Blue Orange Love & Peace Festival - a celebration to spread positive vibes through art and music, something which the world needs today more than ever.

The Blue Orange Love & Peace Festival was a four-day event which served as a wonderful respite from the turbulent times we live in today. Created and organized by a dedicated team of artists, this festival was a glorious celebration of two things we often miss with the looming specter of war over our heads constantly - peace and love.

A bit more of both these things would make the world a much happier, joyful place to live in, wouldn't it?

Art, music and culture brings people around the world together irrespective of their nationality, religion or any other divisive barriers. And that is exactly what happened at the Blue Orange Love & Peace Festival!

With artists like Ini Inaka and Gitu Aura exhibiting their work and many incredible DJs performing, for four days, everyone's minds were taken away from the negative emotions which might surround us and instead were drawn to the love, peace and positivity this world needs more of.

A glimpse of the festival can be seen in this really wwonderful video by Riannah Avora and Ilyra Chardin, which has been featured on their YouTube Channel - The SL TheARTer - in a new series called "Spotlight".

While the festival is over, the build along with the art contained within is still up and is the perfect place to visit to enjoy some wonderful art in a peaceful environment amidst of nature.

The entrance to the festival is quite exciting and unique. Upon arrival at the landing point, a board located nearby gives you a parachute, which you need to wear. Once you have worn it, follow the narrow pathway past a ramshackle bridge to the jumping point. Now all you need to do is ... JUMP!

As you jump, the parachute opens to reveal the Blue Orange logo in all its glory as you descend down slowly towards the festival area. You need to use your arrow keys to steer yourself into the clearing.

Riannah and Ilyra's amazing video depicts this brilliantly along with showing various aspects of community bonding through art and music in the Blue Orange Love & Peace Festival. Even though the festival events are done, a visit to this beautifully designed space will definitely enrich your day.

Make sure you like, share and subscribe to Riannah and Ilyra's channel - The SL TheARTer - for more such amazing videos and interviews featuring The Galleries, Rainbow Painters, Love and Love Factory and also our very own Art Korner!


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