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The Surreal World of SenKonscia

Explore the strange and bizarre world of SenKonscia, created by Selen Minotaur by utilizing the works of several artists who are masters of this style.

I have always been intrigued by surreal environments. Artwork that looks like it comes from another dimension altogether has a certain appeal by itself. It takes a bit of curiosity and a need to explore to truly appreciate and enjoy this avant-garde style of art. Virtual worlds such as Second Life allow 3D artists to create something truly incredible by letting their imagination loose.

There are many places in SL where one can get a taste of visual surrealism . SenKonscia is a brilliant addition to this list. The idea of this place originates from the mind of Selen Minotaur, a photographer, machinimator and an ardent lover of the arts. The concept of a space dedicated to this strange but fascinating art style had been brewing in her mind for quite some time but it was only now that she could finally implement it.

Glued” by Cherry Manga

When it comes to 3D surreal artworks, an important name which comes to mind is, of course, Cherry Manga. Many of her works feature in this beautiful environment created by Selen Minotaur. Along with Cherry’s art, SenKonscia also features sculptures by prominent artists like Harry Cover, Eupalinos Ugajin and Luxor Ragnarok (moebius69) among others.

You might recognize some creations from previous installations you have been to, but some really fresh ones will definitely take you by surprise. The “Infinity Clock” by xXxDantexXx (x1xdantex4x) and the Insanity Sketch by Cherry Manga were two of the many new findings that left an impact on my mind long after my visit. The floating lanterns used by Selen to light up this installation beautifully create a suitable ambience for the art on display.

Infinity Clock” by xXxDantexXx and “Insanity Sketch” by Cherry Manga

Selen tells me she will be changing things around quite often, thus making SenKonscia an evolving display. This means that every time you visit this place, you might be greeted by something entirely new. For now, the ground is open to visitors but Selen tells me that soon she might open a new section in the sky as well! Artists who would like their works to be a part of this display are most certainly encouraged to contact Selen Minotaur.

While looking at the surrealist works at SenKonscia, do not be surprised if you feel you are living a waking dream. It feels like one of those vivid dreams where everything feels a bit strange and you have a difficult time figuring out whether you’re actually awake or still dreaming. That is the power of the surreal and the bizarre. That is true surrealism.

Art lovers should definitely take some time out to explore this small but rather fascinating environment that provides a glimpse into what is perhaps, the bizarre underworld of our unexplored subconsciousness.

Click HERE to visit SenKonscia inworld. Please do share any photos you take in the SenKonscia FLICKR Group.



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