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Themed Art Show at the IMAGO Art Gallery

The IMAGO Art Gallery is organizing its first ever themed art show, open to all SL photographers. More details below!

Show Dates

Opens around mid-July. Exact date to be announced soon.

Deadline for Submission

July 1st, 2021


  1. The theme of the show is “Visions of IMAGO Land“.

  2. Participants may submit two pictures taken at IMAGO Land (4:3 ratio full perm textures sent to Mareea Farrasco inworld) by July 1st, 2021.

  3. A jury will select the best 16 works to be exhibited in one of IMAGO’s Art Galleries.

  4. The show opening (around mid-July) will be announced soon.

For any questions related to the show, please send a note card inworld or a FLICKR mail to Mareea Farrasco.

Click HERE to visit IMAGO Land and start clicking!

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