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Tierra del Mar at Leloo’s World

Explore the mesmerizing seaside landscape at Leloo’s World this summer where the marine animals are waiting for you – a place to kick back and relax in serene natural surroundings.

Leloo’s World is a beautiful place that changes its natural scenery every once in a while to provide visitors with a completely different experience every time. This time, Leloo has designed the landscape to ensure that all visitors here get a dose of the summertime fun that they are longing for.

Tierra del Mar, originally Spanish, roughly translates in English to “Land of the Sea“; and after your visit, you will know how aptly it has been named. Located on a quarter sim as always, Leloo’s world is roughly split into two parts – one being the ocean and all the treasures it holds in its depths along with the couple of beautiful islands, while the other is the coastline with its rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and adorned by the beauty of nature.

Tierra del Mar – Leloo’s World

We start our journey atop a small hill, amidst lush greenery with a touch of fantasy. The coastline or the sea is nowhere visible from the landing point and that is what makes the journey through Leloo’s world really fascinating. As we start walking downhill along a forest path, we slowly egt our first glimpse of the ocean – and it is truly amazing!

After passing by a few shopping stalls where you might actually be able to find something interesting to purchase, we get a complete picture of the mighty sea from a view point located on a rocky outcrop. On the left, the name of the region is displayed in huge block letters on a rocky backdrop. A small stream flows out from underneath it to create a small waterfall, across which a long rope bridge can be seen for visitors to cross.

Tierra del Mar – Leloo’s World

In front of us and to the right, the blue of the ocean stretches out as far as the eye can see. A lighthouse can be seen on the horizon, near a small rocky island, on which a single tree stands out prominently against the emptiness of the sky. The ocean here at Tierra Del Mar is teeming with aquatic life. Seals can be seen sprawling on the sandy beaches and rocky faces, birds of all kinds can be seen going about their daily activities, while dolphins and whales emerge from the water for a breath of fresh air once in a while.

Tierra del Mar offers plenty of activities for everyone. If you are the quiet sort who would like to just sit with your partner to spend good time with them while enjoying the scenery, there are plenty of spots you can do so. Want to rez a floatie and go with the flow of water? Sure, they have it covered too.

Tierra del Mar – Leloo’s World

But one of the experiences everyone must take in Tierra del Mar is experience the life under the sea. Viewing stingrays, sharks, whales, turtles, dolphins and many other forms of aquatic life in their natural habitat is an incredible experience here. Leloo has created the underwater setting really well with an eye for detail and perfection.

A visit to Tierra del Mar at Leloo’s World is a journey you should definitely undertake as soona s you can. Photographers, explorers and pretty much anyone is likely to have a wonderful time exploring this place.


  1. Tierra Del Mar – Leloo’s World

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