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Tough Man : Story-Telling through Art at Nitroglobus

The August Exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery has opened its doors and it is a spectacle to behold…

Telling stories through art is a concept used by artists since ages. They present these narratives in several ways – sometimes by using a set of images, each of which represents a moment in the story, while at other times by selecting a central moment around which the story builds itself. In “Tough Man“, the latest exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery, Hilaire Beaumont choses to go down the latter path.

The display consists of a set of thirteen images in large format, showcasing the various forms a “tough man” can take. These include a brave knight, a cowboy, a mercenary of sorts and a dangerous outlaw among others. Hilaire Beaumont, modelling himself in most (if not all) of the images, uses his skills and experience as a seasoned role-player in Second Life to weave and tell beautiful stories through his art.

A dying knight struck by multiple arrows, a tough cowboy trudging along with his horse and an outmanned soldier ready to fight to his death are just some of the enticing visuals Hilaire presents in this incredible exhibition. Hilaire refuses to consider himself an artist but rather concentrates on putting emotion into his work and tell stories which viewers can interpret in their own way.

The men in Hilaire’s images may appear strong and invincible at first glance but when you look deeper there are layers to each image which you will uncover. Beneath the steely exterior of these tough men, there is an ocean of emotions… and that is the true beauty of Hilaire’s work. He manages to bring out the subtle hints of emotion which pierce through this mask of toughness worn by these men.

Act tough and hide your weakness” – a rigid social construct that has been subconsciously imbued in the minds of most men leaves many feeling trapped all over the world. The pressure of presenting a tough exterior is immense and can have devastating effects on the health and well being of men who have been forced by the society to bury their emotions.

Only in the face of grave danger does this social pressure to conform to certain models of masculinity get ignored and the emotions buried deep within are able to come to the fore. In the images Hilaire presents at Nitroglobus, this can be seen very clearly. His visuals are extremely lifelike and manage to draw you in effortlessly.

Whether you choose to find a deeper meaning behind the spectacular visuals or simply enjoy the beauty of Hilaire’s image composition, a trip to the Nitroglobus Gallery will be entirely worth it and allow you to immerse yourself in the exciting narratives Hilaire’s images create. The exhibition will be open throughout the month of August and a visit should definitely be on your list.


  1. Nitroglobus Roof Gallery – Sunshine Homestead

Tip : While you are here, also make sure you follow the black footprints to visit a stunning exhibition by miu miu miu next door

Visit Hilaire Beaumont’s FLICKR page to view more of his work

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