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Treacle’s Walk of Art at Lawst Paradise

Explore this artistic installation that will leave you baffled by the amazing creativity displayed by Treacle Darlandes. The exhibits flow smoothly from one room to the next, making this an unforgettable experience.

The very recent exhibition Borderless Pt.2 by Gem Preiz showed us how fractals can be used to create incredible artistic installations. Treacle Darlandes’ Walk of Art is another project that uses fractals to make an exhibition everyone will enjoy and perhaps take a message out of as well. The term “walk of art” is usually used in reference to a walkway covered in the art of a particular artist or of a specific genre. However, this “Walk of Art” is slightly unconventional.

Treacle Darlandes has designed the walk of art in such a way that it takes us on a mammoth climb, through various rooms, some which tell us interesting stories, while others offer us gifts to take away as a souvenir. Each room has a theme to it. For example, the first room which we land in is all about the color orange. And it is easy to see why.

The Color Orange – Treacle’s Walk of Art

Everything in this room is orange – the lights on the floor, the stairs, the lettering – all of it. As we climb a short flight of stairs and arrive at the first level of this room, an anonymous quote stares back at us from the darkness of the wall. Every room has a quote like this one related to the primary theme of the room. The Orange area speaks to us, “The Colour Orange: Sunset, sunrise, fire, passion, warmth, energy, autumn, harvest, and a little bit of danger…what does the colour orange bring out in you?

As you proceed through the levels, each area will speak to you in this manner, making you think, reflect, smile and enjoy this installation even more. The second area you will reach is the Glass Butterflies’ room. Consider this a gift zone. All the beautiful butterflies in this room can be taken away as souvenirs – memories of the good times you will surely have here.

Irish Mist – Treacle’s Walk of Art

After collecting all the butterflies (don’t worry, they are free), proceed to climb the staircase to find yourself completely immersed in Celtic folklore, where you will find everything from an Irish warrior maiden to a golden unicorn. Feel yourself get engulfed by the Irish mist in this room.

If Music be the Food of Love… Play On” – these are the words that welcome us to the installation in the next room. Musical notes dominate this room. In this “Walk of Art”, it would almost be a crime not to dedicate a part of it to music. It is an art that has the power to make you laugh; it has the power to put you in a sombre mood. It enthralls us, entertains us and in some way also changes us.

Pyramid of Emotions – Treacle’s Walk of Art

The next room is dedicated to something everyone craves for in this world, and wants more than anything else – love. Taking inspiration from a beautiful poem by koolc, Treacle imagines love as a pyramid of emotions. He has created a vibrant installation based on this concept that is a visual treat for all visitors.

It is interesting to see how she has managed to link each room to the next one and formed a train of thoughts connecting the color orange to butterflies and then to Celtic Folklore, and so on right till the end of the walk (or climb).

After music, the rooms become more personal, focusing on YOU and the way to achieve peace both with external factors and within yourself. The final area in this installation, titled ” Inspiration“, welcomes you with a quote by Aristotle which says: “The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

Inspiration – Treacle’s Walk of Art

This room consists of four sculptures which have been lit up in different colors. These represent deliverers of inspiration, who each hold out two of Treacle’s beautiful fractal art images. Along with being a visual spectacle, this walk of art has subtle messages and beautiful quotes all along the way which will definitely inspire you, get you thinking and definitely brighten up your day. A long winding climb leaves us at the very end of the exhibition, where another gift awaits.

Also please don’t forget to write a comment in the guestbook about how you found this installation. These comments are important feedback for an artist.

However, Treacle has not been alone in creating this fascinating build. She received help from none other than Philip Linden himself for the build while Serenity Questi and Merranda Ginsberg provided assistance with the fractal art.

If you love artistic installations, Treacle’s “Walk of Art” is something you must surely complete. This one will entertain you, keep you engaged and ultimately also inspire you. Treacle has dedicated this walk to everyone who has ever loved art in SL. Make sure you don’t miss out on this!

Click HERE to visit this installation inworld at Lawst Paradise Art Gallery.

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