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Twisted Gallery : Fractals, Skylines and Ghost Towns

Catch this fascinating display by Zane Farman, Jasmyn Roecastle and Cullum Writer at a new gallery located in the remarkable region of Twisted Paradise.

At a time when most galleries and museums in the physical world are inaccessible to a lot of us, it is heartwarming to see new art galleries inworld showing talents of artists both in the real and the virtual world. Photography, digital art, painting, sculpting, fractals and many other forms of art find virtual worlds like Second Life to be an excellent space for exhibition.

One such new gallery – the Twisted Gallery – displays various forms of art in the virtual space and has opened its doors to us. It is located on the newly-constructed region called Twisted Paradise and currently exhibits artwork by three outstanding artists who are masters in their respective artforms.

The art displayed here in the opening exhibition ranges right from real-life cityscapes to abstract fractals created digitally. The virtual world has become an important outlet for photographers in the physical world to display their works. A big advantage of displaying real life photography in the virtual world is that it can be viewed by people across the globe. A photograph might be interpreted by people from different countries in different ways as often happens in many cases. This encourages healthy dialogue and debate which is essential for progress.

Zane Farman – Twisted Gallery

Zane Farman, whose incredible photographs occupy most of the walls on the left side of the gallery, is a photographer whose travels have taken him to many interesting places on the globe. Looking at his work, it is easy to see that a love for spectacular skylines and beautiful architecture forms the motivation for most of Zane’s photographs. He expertly works with colors and tones to convey not just a picture but the mood of the place in his works. Whether it is his images of the Toronto skyline at various times during the day or an image of the Eiffel shrouded in dense fog, he manages to give us the feeling of actually being present at each location and soaking up the atmosphere there.

A small section of the gallery is also dedicated to the work of Jasmyn Roecastle, Zane’s partner, who is relatively new to photography but has already started getting things right. All the photographs she displays here have been clicked over the course of the past two years. Most of the buildings she focuses on have a history to them, which you can read about in her introductory notecard. Most of these buildings are abandoned, some also being a part of ghost towns which were deserted, thus representing the rural decline that follows technological advancements or collapsed economies.

Cullum Writer – Twisted Gallery

The third exhibition at the Twisted Gallery is by Cullum Writer, an artist known for the harmony and grace found in her fractals. For readers who might not know, fractal art is created by using fractal-generating software to calculate fractal objects and displaying the results of the calculation as still digital images and sometimes even animations or media. It is this unusual mix of mathematics and art that makes this form of art so intriguing and captivating. Cullum’s rich fractal art takes up most of the right hand side of the gallery as well as the upper level which can be accessed through a staircase here.

These three exhibitions have started this gallery off in a wonderful way and we hope to see many more interesting exhibitions here soon. After you have strolled around the gallery, don’t forget to roam around a bit and explore this Twisted Paradise. It will surely be worth your time.

Click HERE to visit the Twisted Gallery inworld.

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