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Twisted Imagery : Fractals and the Art of Kraven Klees

At Janus Gallery III, Kraven Klees’ vibrant digital masterpieces, rich in emotions and which combine SL photography with fractals, will leave you spellbound.

Among the works of art on display in Kraven Klees’ exhibition at Janus Gallery III is a work of art so intriguing, utterly engaging and rich in meaning that one can’t help but keep looking at it, drawing their own interpretations from it. “Welcome, My Son” features a man holding his baby close to his chest, giving it the love and comfort it needs. The baby looks back at us, its eyes reflecting a mixture of different emotions – fear, surprise and confusion.

Kraven Klees is an artist who uses a combination of digital art and fractals to create work which often transcends the boundaries of realism and abstraction. In his latest exhibition at Janus Gallery III, he presents a diverse collection of more than twenty pieces of art over two levels of the gallery, which art lovers can peruse at their own leisure.

Twisted Imagery by Kraven Klees – Janus Gallery III

A number of portraits, layered with fractal imagery, form a part of this display. It is especially interesting to see how well Kraven manages to blend it all together to a point where the figures in the images seem to be generated from the fractals themselves. “Golden Hour“, located on the upper level of the gallery, is a brilliant example of this effect.

However, it is not just portraits which Kraven excels in. Some beautiful landscapes can be seen as a part of this exhibition too. From a simple autumn scene featuring a path that disappears into the thick woods to an image of war and conflict which often brings out the worst and the best in humans, the range of subjects Kraven chooses for his work is wide.

Twisted Imagery by Kraven Klees – Janus Gallery III

Sometimes even the same photograph can be layered with a different set of fractals to generate a different mood or emotion in the mind of the viewer. Fairy with Skull is a brilliant example of this, where Kraven has layered the same image of a fairy holding a skull in her hand with two different sets of fractals to create images with noticeably different moods.

For those who are not aware of it, fractal art is a form of computer-generated art that has its roots in mathematics. One can say that it blends mathematics and art to create something incredible. One of the places you must have definitely come across these fractals is when you left your computer on for a few minutes and the screen changed and turned into a strange, beautiful geometric design that looked like a piece of art.

Twisted Imagery by Kraven Klees – Janus Gallery III

These fractals are generated using fractal-generating software, where the artist sets parameters to be input, executes the lengthy calculations needed and finally evaluates the final image or animation, which very much resembles a piece of abstract art. The final image is often subjected to some post-processing to create the final piece of art to be exhibited.

The Julia set and the Mandelbrot set are perhaps the most common sets of fractals which are used to create this type of abstract imagery. In most of his pieces, Kraven projects this fractal art onto SL photographs to create his own brand of work that is vibrant, expressive and utterly fascinating.

Twisted Imagery by Kraven Klees – Janus Gallery III

All but one of Kraven’s images in this exhibition are for sale; however if you would like him to create an artistic image in his style based on a particular photograph taken by you, please feel free to contact him. “Twisted Imagery” marks Kraven Klees’ return to Sinful Retreat after about ten months and features some of the most outstanding pieces of art you will come across.

The exhibition officially opens on Sunday, November 28th, 2021 at 12 pm SLT with live performances by Dude and Agatha Nowles and a visit is highly recommended.


  1. Janus Gallery III – Sinful Retreat

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