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Two New Exhibitions at ArtCare Gallery

Two artists, two exhibits, two styles – visit Anja and Therese’s displays at ArtCare and discover the incredible art they have created, each in their own distinctive manner.

Two exciting new exhibitions have opened this week at the ArtCare Gallery, a space I highly admire and respect for the high quality of art displayed. Both, though equally engaging and evocative in their nature, are completely different in their toning and subject matter, which makes this combination of artists a pleasure to view together.

The two artists in question are Anja (neobookie) and Therese Carfagno. It is not my first encounter with either of their works. “Anja’s Surrealism” at the Nitroglobus Gallery in June was a true masterpiece in which her surrealist images were some of the most engaging I have seen in the recent past. My brush with the art of Therese Carfagno has been at La Maison d’Aneli where she had put on an exemplary display which remains in my memory months later, even today.

Anja (neobookie) – ArtCare Gallery

Hailing from the Netherlands, Anja (neobookie) is someone who is relatively new to the world of art in Second Life, having only had her first exhibition in the beginning of the year; however, her art tells a completely different story. When Anja invited me to visit her exhibition, I expected either an exhibit of landscapes, which she excels in, or works with the surreal touch I had seen before. But Anja, as always, managed to surprise me with a series of images revolving around a simple subject – a clothes line.

Consisting of six beautiful images displayed in large format, Anja’s exhibition is definitely the more striking in terms of vibrancy, saturation and brightness of the colors. Structurally, all six images are similar – a clothes line on which hangs a collection of objects, attached to the line with the help of cloth clips. However, because of the different objects used in each picture, the composition changes dramatically. A relatively dull wooden background helps create contrast in the image and effortlessly brings out the variety of colors.

The objects that are attached to the clothes line to create beautiful patterns and enhance the image composition vary from colorful surfboards to half-eaten ice cream bars. Along with being a stunning display of Anja’s creativity and a passionate love of colors and vibrancy, the exhibit also highlights the important role color plays in our life.

Anja (neobookie) – ArtCare Gallery

In the other half of the large room is a display by Therese Carfagno, whose work is some of the most evocative I have seen recently. Consisting of nineteen images all in square format, Therese’s display manages to incorporate various styles of her work, thus creating an exhibit that is truly all-encompassing.

Ranging right from portraits to abstract art, Therese covers a multitude of genres in this display, thus showcasing her versatility and an ease that is born out of experience.

Therese’s artist statement says:

“I have no interest in calling myself an artist. I take snapshots. If I’m happy with the picture because of the motive, the colors, the people in it, or anything, I upload it to Flickr or exhibit it somewhere. That’s it. And if someone else like what I do, that’s even better.”

Of course, we tend to disagree with her on the first part. If anyone deserves to be called an artist, it is Therese. Taking pictures is her way of looking at the world a little closer, in the process learning a great deal more about it.

Therese Carfagno – ArtCare Gallery

From her evocative, emotional portraits in the Blood series to the vibrant abstracts in Wall, she manages to capture our attention and keep us engaged in her works. The subjects vary, the toning varies, the style varies, the only thing which remains constant in all of Therese’s images is the way in which they are able to reach out to us and touch our heart and mind.

Two artists with a completely different style exhibit in one single large room; both were equally fascinating and managed to impress me thoroughly. Needless to say, art lovers will absolutely have a great time here and a visit comes highly recommended!


  1. Anja and Therese’s Exhibits – ArtCare Gallery

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