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Under the Lens : Crann Bethadh, Black Tear Poses

In the first edition of our “Under the Lens” series, renowned blogger and pose creator, Crann Bethadh, has an in-depth conversation with us about his journey.

It amazes me what one is able to do by putting their time to good use. I started this series – “Under the Lens” – to put some incredible bloggers and creators in the spotlight through insightful conversations with them. I am honored to feature reputed blogger and owner of Black Tear Poses, Crann Bethadh, for the first article in this series.

Crann has been blogging for a while now and has over 2.7K Followers on Flickr. His images are full of character and instead of being just beautiful photos, each of them tell a little story. He blogs for several leading brands like Fashionnatic, Volkstone, Amias, Native Urban, Dura, L&B Swear, Vendetta Skins, Birth, Erauqs, Poison Rouge, Etham, HEVO, Galvanized, 777 Motors and Beorn.

While blogging, Crann prefers to create and use his own poses, which are available on Marketplace under his brand Black Tear Poses. He also likes to create poses as per his client’s requirements and has a number of satisfied customers.

I had the opportunity to chat with Crann about his journey of blogging and creating poses.

Hello, Crann! Thank you for agreeing to this interview with me. I always like to start at the beginning. How did you end up getting into photography in Second Life?

It is my pleasure, Frank. When I was just beginning my journey in SL, I started taking snapshots. It was in the summer of 2018 that I discovered Flickr and started posting my photos there. As I started experimenting more, I discovered that you can change the lighting and create the ambience that you wanted. I thought it was really awesome! Also, I liked using photoshop and started to edit pics and create some nice photos like the cover of my FLICKR page.

Today, you are the owner of Black Tear Poses. You have a thriving store on the Marketplace with over 170 poses up for sale. How did you get into pose creation?

When I started to create photos, I felt that I could not find the poses that I would have liked to use for my pictures. So one day, I started thinking about creating my own poses. I got the Animare HUD and began to create my very first pose. I started creating it in Live Mode because I didn’t know of another way. I made the pose, took a snap and it was done pretty fast. It was not a perfect pose but I did perfect it later and keep it.

What tools do you use today to make your poses?

Today, normally I use Anypose to make my poses, but sometimes I do need Animare for the neck movements and couple of other things. It entirely depends on the pose. I have definitely not ruled out using an external program like the Blender addon, Avastar.

Where do you get the ideas for creating different poses?

I am often inspired by things I see in RL – advertisements, photos. Apart from being a pose creator, I am a blogger too. So sometimes, it is also the clothes or items from different creators which make me imagine a particular pose, the ambience and the environment.

Yes, and you are a really successful blogger too. I will get back to that in some time. But tell me, how long does it usually take you to create a pose once you have the idea firmly in your head?

You may be surprised, but if I have a picture in my head, it usually takes me more time because I don’t stop till I get each detail absolutely perfect. But sometimes, ideas start forming as I start moving parts of my avatar around. When I am blogging, I always use my own poses, so I am used to creating them pretty fast, but always with the result I want. If the pose is not to my liking, I neither sell it nor publish it.

Apart from the poses you have up for sale on the Marketplace, you also create custom poses for clients. How did you think of doing something like that?

As I said before, I didn’t want to settle with the poses that were available on Marketplace or inworld; and I don’t feel others should either. This is the reason I created Black Tear Poses. I want to give everyone the opportunity to create the poses they want. I know that differing avatar sizes is a big problem and many of the poses on the market don’t fit well with avatars of a different size. We are here to help and make real what our clients want with custom-made poses which will fit their avatars perfectly.

You are a highly influential blogger for several renowned brands as well. How did the transition from photography to blogging happen for you?

Well, I think it was some time in the summer of 2018 when someone talked to me about this job where I could mix photos and clothes. I thought it was a really good idea. Of course, at the time, I didn’t have any work to show, so no one would obviously take me on as a blogger. But I began without any sponsors. I started making posts using the clothes and stuff which I had in my inventory. I think I was a bit lucky too. Well-known stores like Vegas Tattoo, Amias and FashionNatic soon started noticing me and contacted me.

I have heard from some other bloggers that they faced problems while initially adapting to the challenges associated with blogging. Did you have a similar experience?

Yes, of course. I faced big problems. Because when I was blogging without any sponsors, I was choosing the clothes and items from my inventory and mixing and matching them at will. But once you get sponsors, you can no longer choose the items that you are blogging. You have to work with what is given to you and sometimes even combine incompatible items to create a beautiful image.

Some of our readers might be thinking of getting into blogging or maybe they have just started on their journey. Do you have any tips for them?

I am not really good at giving advice, but I would ask them not to rush, but to take on brands slowly, without forgetting their deadlines. You need to keep in mind different styles of items and try to group them together. Only when you have control over everything will you be able to make the kind of images you want.

Are there some other artists or bloggers who you admire, respect and who inspire you?

Yes, most definitely. I really admire Renata Ny. The framing of her photos, the lighting, her ideas, clothes, style – everything is just perfect. Skip Staheli is one artist who really inspires me. His photos all look incredibly real. Apart from these, there are many other bloggers and artists who do outstanding work.

There must have been several ups and downs in your journey. How do you manage to keep your spirits up during the low times?

Music acts as a great source of support for me. When something happens that upsets me, I usually turn to music to keep myself motivated. Playing sports in RL also helps a lot to keep yourself disconnected from it. If it is a more serious issue, my family provides me additional support. Sometimes, it helps to take a vacation or a small break from SL too.

What is one motto in life that you always live by?

I think it is extremely important to be happy, over anything else. It is important to smile, to laugh and celebrate your life. I love the quote by Mr. Charlie Chaplin – “A day without laughter is a day wasted.

All photographs in this article have been clicked and provided by Crann Bethadh.

Check out Crann’s BLOG and FLICKR

Black Tear Poses can be found on the MARKETPLACE and on FACEBOOK

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