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A unique blend of Voice and Art at Monocle Man

At the Monocle Man gallery, Sound artist Electric Monday, along with some incredible photographers, has created a unique experience in Second Life that appeals to both aural and visual senses.

When it comes to creating any kind of an experience with sounds involved, there is hardly anyone better at it than Electric Monday, the owner of Bunyi, an incredible DJ and an amazing photographer herself.

"The Story of the Selkie" at The Monocle Man is a collaborative exhibit between a number of photographers and Electric Monday.

At the center of the exhibition is Electric Monday's HUD, which visitors receive as soon as they step into the gallery. The photographs within the gallery are by some of the most incredible photographers on the grid. Hilaire Beaumont, Lynx Iuga, Evie Ravens, Kit Boyd, Tresore Prada and John Garrison are the photographers presenting the six images in the gallery.

Electric Monday's HUD, which gives visitors a similar experience as audio tour guides in real world museums, is what makes this exhibition truly special. It connects the dots between the images and allows visitors to listen in to the Story of the Selkie, narrated in Ele's beautiful voice.

For those who may not be aware, the story revolves around a selkie (a seal-woman) who loses her skin and is unable to return home to the sea. With a mixture of fantasy and folklore, the experience of listening to the story as one appreciates the images on the wall is one that is fulfilling, unique and immersive as it stimulates both the aural and visual senses.

How does it work?

  • Enter the gallery and you will receive a HUD

  • Add the HUD and go to the first image

  • Click the HUD on Image 1 and listen (sometimes, it may take a few moments for the sound to start)

Very Important : Click again to stop the sound of the first part of the story before you move on to the next picture or you will hear both parts at the same time.



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