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United Artists of SL completes 3 YEARS in Second Life!

Come and discover this incredible place which provides an amazing platform for 2D, 3D and performance artists at no cost to them!

In a virtual world such as Second Life, sustaining an organization or a destination for a longer duration is a task which is not easily achievable. Real world issues are often the culprit when it comes to places not sustaining for a longer time.

United Artists of SL has completed three years of its existence in Second Life - a commendable achievement indeed in a world where many galleries struggle to complete even an year.

UASL (United Artists of Second Life) is an art group which provides exhibition opportunities for visual 3D, 2D, and performance arts at absolutely no cost to the artist. You can take a shuttle tour of the futuristic ground area of exhibited work or use their sophisticated TP system to visit UASL's larger immersive builds.

There are performance stages, art galleries, immersive exhibit spaces, personal galleries for artists and much more things to discover at UASL!

Here are some captivating images which will make you want to visit this amazing build right now:

If you are an artist interested in displaying your work at UASL, please contact Riannah Avora for further details.



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