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Unseen Beauty : A Dive into the Microscopic Universe

An interesting exhibition at the Limoncello Art Gallery Annexe gives us a glimpse into life one can only observe through a microscope, revealing a world of beautiful patterns, shapes and colors.

Anyone who has looked at specimens through a microscope knows that it provides us with a glimpse into a completely different world that exists at the microscopic scale. Digital cameras have made it possible for users to record images of the organisms visible through a microscope. It is this unseen beauty that photographer Guille displays in his latest exhibition at the Limoncello Art Gallery Annexe.

Unseen Beauty” is, to my knowledge, the first time ever that such an exhibition has found its way to a gallery in the virtual world (although I could be wrong). Even in the physical world, such exhibitions are very rare, as there are very few photographers who have the knowledge, skills and expertise to document these observed specimens. This only makes the exhibition by Guille at the Limoncello Art Gallery Annexe even more special.

Unseen Beauty by Guille – Limoncello Art Gallery Annexe

In this beautiful, detailed display of microscopic photography, Guille gives detailed information about each specimen through a notecard that can be obtained by clicking on a small board next to each photograph with a QR code on it. Scanning the QR code will take you to Guille’s FLICKR account where you can browse through an impressive display of many such images.

The number of organisms Guille has captured in his camera is vast and ranges from the cyanobacteria, which made life on our planet possible, to microscopic algae which are part of plankton in oceans, seas and other bodies of water. You probably haven’t heard about most of these organisms but their beauty will leave you stunned. The vibrant colors and patterns that occupy each frame are a true testament to the beauty of the natural world and also offer us a deep insight into the complex mechanisms that are present even under the organisms’ miniscule size.

The unknown – the things one is unable to see with the naked eye – is always a source of mystery and intrigue. This exhibition gives you the chance to step into a world where lengths are measured in micrometers (1/1000th of a millimeter) and allows us to explore it and discover its hidden wonders.

Unseen Beauty by Guille – Limoncello Art Gallery Annexe

Microscopic photography comes with its own set of challenges, a major one being that even the tiniest of vibrations get amplified through a microscope. Thus, to get a clear image, photographers have to use a number of techniques like shooting using a slow shutter speed, triggering the shutter with a remote control device or stacking multiple images taken with different levels of focus in a software to produce a single clear image.

Guille’s mesmerizing imagery can also be viewed at as a form of abstract art created by nature. Looking at the patterns, structures and colors, one can’t help but wonder if this is indeed natural or the work of a skilled artist sitting in the heavens above. We highly recommend you to visit the Limoncello Art Gallery Annexe soon and discover this unseen beauty for yourself.


  1. Limoncello Art Gallery Annexe – Nanga

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