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Untitled : A Transition Documented

Artist Milena Carbone introduces a new style in her art while giving us a look back at her previous period and the thought process which prompted the transition.

Artists rarely maintain the same style throughout their career. Usually their art goes through a number of periods, which are each defined by particular styles of work. A notable example of this is of course Pablo Picasso. Works from Picasso’s Blue Period, the Rose Period and the Crystal period are distinctive in their style from each other and reflect, in part, the artist’s feelings, emotions and beliefs during that period of his life.

It is always interesting to see how and when an artist transitions from one style to another and Milena Carbone’s latest exhibition – “Untitled” – provides us an insight into just that. I would not say that the exhibition is completely unpublished, but perhaps it would be right to say that it is being displayed for the first time to the general public.

Untitled” consists of Milena’s monthly gifts which she has been offering to members of her group named “The Carbone Gallery” since May 2020. Through this series of group gifts, one can see the profile of change in Milena’s art from a blend of Second life imagery, RL photographs and textures to images comprising of pure SL photography.

As she writes on the information boards, an year ago, Milena’s beliefs shaped her style in which she obscured SL photography with RL images and multiple layers of textures. A number of images in this collection are a part of this first period in her artistic career.

But today, when we look at her latest work – Fermata – the group gift for August 2021, which can be found next to the info boards, we are introduced to a new style – one in which Milena largely shuns the use of texture layers or RL imagery and instead embraces Second Life as the sole raw material of her creation.

The flamboyance and vibrancy of the first period in her artistic career is now replaced by the minimalism, elegance and aesthetical beauty. Milena now tends to focus more on the details and the nuances of the scene. “Untitled” is not just an exhibition; it is the inauguration of a new phase in Milena’s artistic journey – one we are extremely excited about.

This beautiful, simplistic display is a look back at her first period and an introduction to a second period in her artistic career. It is noteworthy that none of the images here are for sale. They can be obtained only by joining The Carbone Gallery group. Visit the Carbone Gallery at Noir’Wen CITY to lose yourself in this delightful exhibition that offers an insight into the journey of artist Milena Carbone.


  1. Untitled – Noir’Wen CITY

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