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The Urban/Industrial Images of Blip Mumfuzz

Have you ever thought what it would feel like walking through the very art you are viewing? Live this experience at Blip Mumfuzz’s immersive exhibition at the Kondor Art Center!

Blip is an artist whose work I first came across during her exhibition at the ArtCare Gallery a few months ago. Her photography has continued to amaze me ever since and hence, when I heard she was exhibiting at the Kondor Art Center a set of urban/industrial images, I knew I had to go over and take a look.

Urban/Industrial Images by Blip Mumfuzz – Kondor Art Center

However, nothing could have prepared me for the immersive nature of the exhibition. I have always believed that the environment it is placed in has a huge impact on the visitors’ perception of the artwork. When you visit Blip’s exhibition, I am sure you will agree that it would not have been as effective were it exhibited in a traditional gallery setting.

Instead of choosing to place her works on a wall like most conventional galleries, Blip takes a completely different approach and decides to give her viewers the feeling of actually entering and walking through her art. To do this, she has used the help of her friend Naru Darkwatch, who has created a complete urban/industrial scene for this exhibition.

Urban/Industrial Images by Blip Mumfuzz – Kondor Art Center

Blip has cleverly incorporated her images into this immersive environment where one can truly get the experience of walking through the art itself. Her elegant image composition, quirky camera angles and vibrant colors is what makes her photography extremely special. Through her artistic touches, Blip is able to make an ordinary scene extraordinary.

The installation created by Naru Darkwatch for this exhibition is divided into two levels connected by a flight of stairs. We land at the upper level on a bridge and slowly make our way down to the lower level, which is even more immersive in nature. Blip’s art fits perfectly within the environment; one can see it resting against shipping crates, up on billboards, and even in use as a wall.

Urban/Industrial Images by Blip Mumfuzz – Kondor Art Center

While you may recognize some places like Tonarino, which are still on the grid today, there are many destinations in the images which are not active anymore and thus also offer us a trip to the past. While landscapes of nature are most commonly exhibited, a display of such outstanding urban/industrial images is most pleasant to experience. The immersive environment coupled with Blip’s evocative imagery make this exhibit one you absolutely need to experience!


  1. Kondor Art Center – Waka

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