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Vibes Art Gallery : September Vibes and the Art of Karma Weymann

Karma Weymann celebrates the so-called imperfections of our body through her art while an anthological exhibition brings a number of lesser-known photographers and artists into the spotlight.

Note : Some of the images displayed at this exhibition may contain female nudity and themes of sexuality. Readers who find such images uncomfortable are advised to visit at their own discretion.

The number of galleries which are doing an excellent job of promoting good art and photography in Second Life is so vast that sometimes it is impossible to cover them all. I must admit, with a certain amount of guilt, that an article about the Vibes Art Gallery has been on my to-do list for a while now. But I am glad I finally got around to doing it at this wonderful time because the exhibitions currently housed at this gallery right now are nothing short of astounding.

The Vibes Gallery, owned and managed by Pet and Eviana Raider, consists of three art spaces – Theater 7, Theater 8 and Theater 9, of which the first two are connected by a doorway. At the time of my visit, Theaters 7 and 8 were occupied by an extremely intriguing exhibition titled “Horny” by Karma Weymann, while Theater 9 housed the September Vibes collection – a series of images picked from submissions to the lively Vibes Art Gallery FLICKR Group, consisting of more than 400 members.

Horny” by Karma Weymann – Vibes Art Gallery

This was not my first encounter with Karma Weymann’s avatar studies as I had witnessed an earlier exhibition at Kultivate recently. Memories from that visit still lingered in my mind as I entered Theater 7 of the Vibes Art Gallery. People often feel that nude art is really easy to create. The truth, however, is that it can be incredibly difficult to pull off well. Karma is able to achieve this and much more through her latest exhibition at the Vibes Art Gallery.

The introduction to this exhibit reads – “Karma Weymann represents sexuality and eroticism with non ordinary images, outside the classic standards of physicality.” And this can be easily seen through her refreshingly new perspective on erotic photography, a genre that is not often seen on gallery walls in Second Life.

Horny” by Karma Weymann – Vibes Art Gallery

One thing which is apparent through Karma’s images is the uniqueness of her avatar. In most (if not all) of the images, Karma’s avatar defies all standards of “the perfect body” as defined by our society. Sometimes these “imperfections” take the form of stretchmarks on the skin, while in others it is the presence of excess fat around the thighs. Being comfortable with your own body and skin is perhaps the most important thing in this world, otherwise one can start to feel like a prisoner in their own skin. Giving beauty to these so-called imperfections is what Karma does best through her art.

The exhibition in Theater 9 is anthological in nature, in that each piece which forms a part of this exhibition has been created by a different artist and submitted to the Vibes Art Gallery FLICKR Group. The artists who form a part of this exhibition range from some well-known names like Anu Papp and Beth Bridget to some relatively unknown artists who I discovered for the first time. Most of the images, barring one or two, are rather exquisite portraits which look incredible, especially in the large format that this gallery prefers.

September Vibes Exhibition – Vibes Art Gallery

Two pieces on the western wall of the room immediately attracted my attention – “Moonlit” by Jo Molinaro and “Warrior” by Charly Rayne. Both are immersive self-portraits bathed in a soft blue light which highlights the features of the face and skin beautifully. Another interesting work of art is perhaps “She Got Legs!” by Nickie, an artist completely new to me. Merely featuring a pair of legs coming out of a black pit on a white background, this image, belonging to the minimalist genre, finds a place right next to the entrance of the exhibit.

With a wide variety of art on display and always something new coming up each month, Vibes Art Gallery definitely deserves a place on any art lover’s radar. The anthological exhibits are a wonderful way for you to discover new artists and photographers. Although I was definitely a bit late with my first article, I’m sure it won’t be too long before something new and interesting comes up here and draws me back to Vibes again.


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