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A View from Above at the Kondor Art Square

Hermes Kondor presents a new series of images taken in this post-pandemic world that feature scenes of daily life captured from a single window in central Lisbon.

Street photography is a genre that had somewhat taken a backseat during the pandemic due to the added restriction of social distancing. It became harder to meet people, to observe them and photograph them. However, Hermes Kondor presents a new series at the Kondor Art Square, which takes a unique, new approach to candid street photography.

Titled "View from Above", this exhibition is a collection of photographs from the physical world, all taken from the same window on the thirteenth floor of a building in central Lisbon. The scenes, all presented in greyscale, are a display of beautiful composition techniques and just a beautiful glimpse of daily life in the city.

The composition of these photographs is especially intriguing because Hermes has utilized the trees, the cycling tracks and the lines within the scene to frame it rather beautifully. One can only imagine the patience needed to get the timing right for such exceptional photos.

For example, one of the images in this series uses a streetlight and a tree in the foreground to perfectly frame an Uber Eats rider, presumably on his way to deliver a fresh meal to someone. The shadow of the streetlight which falls on the ground, enhances the beauty of the frame even more.

Each image in this series is different and uses a wide variety of composition techniques to create an exhibition which is highly engaging. The subjects and the narrative in each frame varies across the photographs in this series as well. From delivery persons going about their jobs to a group of middle aged men out on a walk while chatting, the images capture the humanity and the connections between people.

One of the most interesting pictures is of two women who are standing with a rather large UHD TV and wondering how they should shift it to their apartment as an older woman looks at them curiously form a nearby bench. It is these kind of human stories and narratives which Hermes has managed to capture through his lens which makes this exhibition truly special.

Apart from this amazing exhibition, the Kondor Art Square also hosts a new set of images from Hermes' personal art collection in the Kondor Art Collection. With fourteen artists being a part of the collection, this incredible display is something all art lovers will enjoy viewing.

These greyscale photographs by Hermes Kondor are a truly engaging display of candid street photography in a post-pandemic world. A visit to the Kondor Art Square is something that should be on your list this week.



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