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A Visual Tour : EGO by Mihailsk

The latest exhibition at Art Korner opened on Monday, December 13th to a party attended by more than hundred people. Get to know more about this incredible exhibit.

The latest exhibition by Mihailsk, titled “EGO“, is truly fascinating and we are thrilled to host this exhibit at Art Korner. While Mihailsk is not at all new to photography (his work is testament to that), this is only the third ever exhibition of his works in Second Life. I approached Mihailsk in the month of August, after having come across his work at the Nitroglobus Gallery, where he had both his exhibits previous to this.

While discussing with him regarding the number of new pieces he needed to create for his exhibition, we decided twenty was a good number to go with. I was, of course, elated when a month or two later Mihailsk told me he had created 33 new works for this exhibition.

The exhibition space itself can sometimes inspire an artist and this was the case with Mihailsk. The gallery we had created for Beth Bridget’s exhibition in July and which we used once again to give Fredizzle Brown’s art the space it needed, was once again brought in to house Mihailsk’s exhibition. Through the seven rooms of this gallery, the visitor undertakes a journey into Mihailsk’s explorations in the world of Second Life.

From the landing point all one needs to do is follow the arrows through the seven rooms of the gallery and take in the beauty of the art along the way.

Most of the work in the first room is of a minimalist nature (primarily silhouettes). It is interesting to read the poetry on the wall (mostly by Greek poets) and view the photographs in each room with the words of the poem in your mind.

The color green is synonymous with nature and a lot of the images in the second room explore the relationship between man and nature. The decor and the writing on the wall enhance the overall viewing experience.

The third room is the largest one in the gallery; Mihailsk’s images, created in the greyscale with only faint traces of colors, manage to freeze time and reflect the emotions he felt in the moment.

The fourth room in the exhibit focuses on the color blue, which represents peace, calm and tranquility. The fog in this room along with the intensity of the blue in the images will help you feel the beauty of this color in its entirety.

Yellow represents the sun and the words Mihailsk has chosen for this room fit right into this beautiful room. Various shades of yellow pop out of the dark interiors, making this another visually stunning experience.

Chuck Clip’s incredible sculpture forms the centerpiece of the penultimate room in this gallery. Everything always comes around in a circle and it so happened coincidentally that Chuck (DJ Matrix) was also the DJ at the opening party of this exhibition.

It is no secret that Dido Haas, owner and curator of the Nitroglobus Gallery, has been one of the most influential persons in Mihailsk’s life from the art world. She curated his first ever exhibition and they harbor a strong friendship to this day. The seven images in this room have been selected by Dido from Mihailsk’s past works.

Near the exit door which will bring you back to the landing point, you will find a small guestbook where you can enter your thoughts about the exhibit and Mihailsk’s work.

The exhibition will stay open till January 10th, 2022 and we hope you enjoy your visit. On a personal note, I have rarely seen someone as passionate about their work as Mihailsk is. We are honored and pleased to have him at Art Korner.


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