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Waiting : A Thought-Provoking Build by Cica

Cica Ghost’s latest build is significantly darker as compared to her earlier ones and creates an intense environment that will provoke you to think and form your own interpretations.

Time waits for no one

This is the one liner with which Cica Ghost introduces her latest regionwide build “Waiting by Cica Ghost“. The last few builds by Cica, namely Sandcastles, Lollipop, Summer Day and Circus, were full of fun and extremely entertaining, thus dwelling on the lighter side of life. However, this latest build comes in a different tone altogether, with an atmosphere that is dark and somewhat grim.

Much like any of Cica’s builds, it is important that you view it in the windlight she has created for it as it often forms a big part of the overall experience. Just to remind visitors, she clearly mentions this at the landing point which is located in a small ruined building. To get the best experience, it is also important to enable Advanced Lighting and turn on Shadows to Sun/Moon + Projectors.

Waiting by Cica Ghost – Luna Sea

The first thing you notice as you step out of the ruined building, which doubles as the landing point, is the dark, almost apocalyptic nature of the build. The ground is cracked earth and completely barren save for a few leafless trees. Beneath each tree is a pile of dead leaves, fallen from the branches.

A hill rises up near the center of the build and is perhaps the most significant part of the installation. A number of ladders surround the hill from all sides and are the means to get to the top. Climbing the ladders, one comes upon a flat top on which there are a number of sculptures which depict men sitting in various poses – some thinking, some grieving, others simply observing. While the emotions can be left to your interpretation, one thing is very clear. These are all men who are waiting for something.

Waiting by Cica Ghost – Luna Sea

Now this is where Cica’s build gets interesting. “What are these men waiting for?” is the question you will no doubt ask yourself as you chance upon this installation. And the answer is for you to discover and interpret using the things you see around you. One obvious interpretation is that these men are waiting for help in the face of a disaster. Help which never comes. All they want is for someone to offer a helping hand to find their way out of this darkness within which they find themselves.

But in life, sometimes, you are the only one who can help yourself. You are the one who can lift up from the darkness and find your own way out of it. And one such man can be spotted on the western side of the hillock, trying to find a way out of this catastrophe he finds himself in unlike the others who are simply waiting for a savior to rescue them.

Another possible interpretation could be that these are men filled with regret because they kept procrastinating and missed the chance to make better lives for themselves. This could be Cica’s way of telling us to seize the opportunities which come our way and make the best of them rather than letting them pass and wait for a miracle.

Waiting by Cica Ghost – Luna Sea

While this build is a whole lot more darker and atmospheric compared to her previous builds, Cica has still incorporated some elements of fun within. The larger-than-life nails which can be seen hammered into the ground at a few spots double as dance poles which animate your avatar in various ballet dancing animations. Some of the humor contained within is of a somewhat dark nature as well. Two nooses hanging from a tree on the south-eastern side of the build double as a prop to click some quirky pics in unique poses as you hang from them (with your hands!).

Whether you choose to form your own interpretation or simply enjoy the intensity of the atmosphere Cica creates with her ambient lighting, surreal installations and just the perfect choice of music, a journey to Waiting by Cica Ghost is something you will definitely be glad you embarked upon.


  1. Waiting by Cica Ghost – Luna Sea

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