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We Stand With Ukraine - A Show of Solidarity in the Virtual World

All over the grid, galleries, artists, creators and sim designers have created installations, artworks and set up charities in support of Ukraine in its darkest hour. Here is a look at some of them.

The past week has perhaps been one of the darkest in human history since World War II. On February 24th, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, going as far as threatening nuclear retaliation against anyone who attempts to intervene. Russia's unprovoked act of aggression is not just utterly shameful but also a blatant violation of human rights and goes on to show Vladimir Putin's blatant disregard for sovereign borders.

In this grave crisis, most countries have supported Ukraine in any way they could, short of putting military boots on the ground to fight the Russian army directly. Severe sanctions have been imposed against Russia, Putin and several oligarchs, isolating them even further.

Around the world, people have showed solidarity with Ukraine and its people who have suffered this injustice and have been forced to flee to safety to nearby countries along with their families.

As in the physical world, a number of creators, artists and galleries have shown solidarity with Ukraine in small ways by creating artworks and installations which call for peace, not war - something which the Ukrainians deserve more than ever. Viewers of the series "Winter on Fire", available for viewing on Netflix, will understand how important freedom is for the Ukrainian people.

We stand with Ukraine and peace at Art Korner

At our very own Art Korner, we have created a small installation expressing support for Ukraine in this grave time. Artist Milena Carbone has created a piece titled "The Assassination of Democracy" which perfectly sums up everything about the current situation in Ukraine.

Here are some other displays in the virtual world which support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in this terrible time:

Sinful Retreat

The text says it all. Sinful Retreat stands with Ukraine.

Peace, Not War at Decadence

War and destruction - never a pleasant sight. A thoughtful installation by Matou Diesel and Carolyn Handrick
Nuclear power - is it a facilitator of peace or of war? Recent events have made us rethink our stand.

Paroxysm by Milena Carbone

Paroxysm by Milena Carbone - A Tribute to the Ukrainian defenders of peace and beyond

Selen's Gallery

A beautiful work of art created by Selen as a show of support for peace in Ukraine

We salute the brave people and soldiers of Ukraine who are fighting till their last breath against the Russian aggressors.

Let us make a promise today - We won't let their sacrifices be in vain.

This will be an evolving article, so if you have an installation up at your place, please drop a Notecard with details to Frank Atisso and we will be happy to feature you here.


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