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Weekly Art Recap : Jan 24-31, 2022

A new exhibition at Portofino, Hermes’ incredible photographs of the sea and the return of Snook Monroe – all in this weekly recap.

This week has been much more busier than the last one as far as the world of art is concerned. While touring the exhibits this week, we realized we had missed out on an exhibit which opened last week. Yes, sadly, mistakes do happen from us sometimes. So it is only appropriate that we cover this exhibit first.

Dreams” by Megan Prumier – Dixmix Gallery

Dreams” by Megan Prumier is a stunning display of art that showcases subtle eroticism at the Dixmix Gallery. Often, people have this mistaken opinion that nudity and eroticism are easy to capture. Sure, the photos get you a lot of likes on Flickr, but a beautiful piece of erotic art, created tastefully, is very rare to see. Megan Prumier’s incredible exhibit will give you a taste of what good erotic art feels like.

Snook Sneaks Back with This & That” by Snook Monroe – Janus Gallery II

Coming to this week, Janus Gallery II at Sinful Retreat brought back another artist whose shows used to be popular in Second Life for a long time. Monroe Snook’s fantastic abstracts now adorn the walls of this new gallery build by Chuck Clip.

Virtual Creativity” by Desy Magic – Portofino Elite Club

While we did not have a new exhibition open at Art Korner this week, the Portofino Elite Club does feature a fascinating new exhibit by Desy Magic. The glamorous, dazzling interiors of this elegant jazz club form the perfect backdrop for Desy’s vibrant artwork.

It’s All About The Sea” by Hermes Kondor – Vibes Art Gallery

Hermes Kondor’s photography exhibitions are something everyone looks forward to and this week we were treated to an incredible show at the Vibes Art Gallery, where Hermes displays his new exhibit – “It’s all about the Sea“. The blue waters of the sea and the activities which go around it from the focus of this stunning display of photography from the physical world.

Zia Branner and Artemis Greece – Antiquorum Art Gallery

Recently, Hermes has also taken on the additional role of curator at the Antiquorum Art Gallery, which is a part of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon complex. With Zia Branner’s abstracts adorning the walls of the gallery and Artemis Greece’s sculptures beautifully blending in with the space, a visit her will not disappoint you.

Middle of the Road & Other Myths and Legends” by Ilyra Chardin – La Maison d’Aneli

La Maison d’Aneli and the Elven Falls Art Collective revamped the artists in their spaces. La Maison d’Aneli features a number of interesting exhibits, out of which Ilyra Chardin’s exhibition – “Middle of the Road & Other Myths and Legends” – is something which really struck a chord with us. The Elven Falls Art Collective features four large spaces galleries, filled with a wide range of art by four incredible artists – Tarozaemon Rossini, Nina Camplin, Fuschia Nightfire and Leiland.

New Exhibits by Erika Xaron, Avaele and Kika Yongho – Michiel Bechir Gallery

Apart from this a number of new exhibits have opened up at the Michiel Bechir Gallery, Wonderland Lighthouse Gallery and The Muses Gallery. Additionally, Templeton Cove features an interesting exhibit – “Passion” by Pipski – which takes the form of an art walk in beautiful, natural surroundings.

A Spectacular Particle Display by Quadrapop Lane – UWA Region

Quadrapop lane’s temporary installation at the UWA Region is truly stunning. We definitely recommend you to read the instructions carefully at the landing point before touring the whole installation. It features some amazing sculptures, a spectacular particle display and an intricate labyrinth to maneuver through.

The Art of Elise Sirnah – Kultivate The Loft Gallery

Last but not the least, Kultivate The Loft Gallery features the photographic art of Elise Sirnah, a wonderful photographer whose scenic region of Mimmo has been drawing interest from photographers ever since it came into existence.

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring the new exhibitions the art world has to offer you.


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