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Weekly Art Recap : Feb 14th – 21st, 2022

Haunting images of an empty town, Gem Preiz’s immersive installation, the art of Faleny and much more – all in this weekly recap!

A week where we open an exhibition at our place is always exciting for us. But apart form Lunaspina Anatine’s The Empty Town at Art Korner, which replaced Celestial Demon’s incredible exhibition, there have been many other exhibits and installations which opened across the grid in various galleries and art spaces.

The Empty Town” by Lunaspina Anatine – Art Korner Gallery II

The latest exhibit at Art Korner Gallery II, The Empty Town by Lunaspina Anatine, opened to an extremely well-attended event (with even 101 avatars on venue at one point). In this incredible exhibition, Lunaspina Anatine depicts a jarring emptiness through her poignant images of an empty town, which radiate an uneasy calmness along with an equally stunning beauty. The exhibition is open till the end of the month, so do stop by.

Splinters – The Round Dance in My Mind” by Faleny – Art Street Main Gallery, Seiiki

This Sunday, the art of Faleny graced the walls of the Art Street Main Gallery, Seiiki, where we assisted in an advisory capacity. In this gallery, artist Faleny presents a collection of 15 splinters from her Flickr page, which she would like to freeze forever. Stroll around in the grand interiors of the gallery and take in the beautiful art on display.

Exoplanet – One Step Further” by Gem Preiz – Akikaze

EXOPLANET is Gem Preiz’s new project at Akikaze, which will be completed in two parts. The first of the two, titled “One Step Further“, is a grand installation which blends together Gem’s 3D work and fractals to create something truly incredible. This model of a futuristic base in outer space gives visitors lots to explore.

Carpe Noctem” by Maloe Vansant – Dixmix Gallery

Maloe Vansant’s portraits evoke deep emotions. Sometimes surreal, at other times bordering an abstractionism, these beautiful works on the walls of the Amalfi Room of the Dixmix Gallery are something one can get immersed into for a long time.

Art is What You Make” by Quadrapop Lane – Ribong Gallery Artspace 1622

Quadrapop Lane, whose installation at UWA left us in awe of her work, has come up with a new build at Ribong Artspace 1622, owned and curated by San (santoshima). A walk through this mesmerizing display of colors will leave you amazed at Quadrapop’s creativity.

February 2022 Exhibition at Elven Falls Art Collective

Elven Falls Art Collective has new exhibits every month in their four massive galleries. For the February round, Terra Meyrhem, Elin Egoyan, Kayli Iali and Matt Thomson are the exhibiting artists. From RL art to digitals to incredible sculptures, one can see it all here!

UASL 2D Expo – United Artists of SL

The UASL 2D Expo is an event that provides a platform for both emerging and established artists to exhibit their work together. A total of 12 artists feature their works here, ranging from the vibrant physical world art of Viktor Savior to the fractals of Chris Craft, and much more!

Artwolf Eternal – The Galleries

The Galleries has always been an incredible display of art in SL. Owned and curated by Ernie Farnstrider, a number of fascinating artists have permanent spaces here. Artwolf Eternal has a new series up here which you should definitely check out!

The Art Korner Exhibits HUD

All these Landmarks seem a bit too much to you? Not to worry! Simply go to any one of our inworld kiosks and pick up the Art Korner Exhibits HUD, a weekly one-touch teleport HUD that will offer you a chance to teleport to any exhibit which has opened within that week with a simple click.

We compile this HUD every Monday and the latest HUD is fresh off the oven and ready for you! Join our inworld Group or our Subscribo (if you are out of group space) to get the HUD delivered to you every Monday, both of which can be done through the kiosk itself!


  1. Art Korner Main Gallery – DeJu

Want to place our HUD kiosk at your gallery/location? Contact Frank Atisso or Jeanie (jeanienabottle)

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