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Weekly Art Recap : Feb 7-14, 2022

Adwehe’s magic with lights and colors, a world of dollhouses and miniatures, the art of Manoji Yachvili and much more in this weekly recap.

The has been a really exciting week with some really incredible installations opening up aroudn the grid. Adwehe is an artist we have been religiously following ever since we came upon her exhibition at the Love & Love Art Gallery last year. Now, after a few more exhibits at La Maison d’Aneli, Adwehe has chosen to transform the main hall of Nitroglobus Gallery into an incredible installation full of lights, colors, shadows and her 2D as well as 3D work.

Crescent Moon” by Adwehe – Nitroglobus Gallery

Titled “Crescent Moon“, Adwehe’s latest installation is not just that but an incredible experience for visitors as well. Lights, shadows, movements, colors – the things that define an Adwehe installation have all been utilized to the best effect, communicating effectively with the visitors who visit the gallery.

Dollhouses & Miniatures” by Cassie Eldemar – Janus Gallery III

We have often seen large scale houses, bungalows, villas and mansions in Second Life. A number of creators create and sell them through their respective brands. But have you ever seen a beautiful dollhouse that just reminded you of your childhood and made you want to move back into it? Cassie Eldemar’s Dollhouses and Miniatures at Janus Gallery III in Sinful Retreat will do just that and make you fall in love with her work.

Drawing a Dream” by Manoji Yachvili – Onceagain Art Gallery

Manoji Yachvili, more popularly known as Onceagain, has created another personal exhibit with a mixture of both her SL photographs and RL sketches, all about something that is close to her heart – horses. In her personal exhibit space at the Onceagain Art Gallery, one can find this exhibit, set in a immersive landscape of snow that serves as a wonderful backdrop.

Tabula Rasa” by Theda Tammas – Corsica South Coasters

Theda Tammas’ installation – “Tabula Rasa” – at the Corsica South Coasters community is located high above the ground on a platform in an immersive setting that reflects the surrealist tones within the installation beautifully. Again, just by a simple look at it, one can tell that this is a Theda installation. The moving figures, dark ambience and a wonderful layout all come together beautifully in Theda’s installation.

Allures” by Caly Applewhyte – Galerie Alice

Galerie Alice hosts a new exhibit by Caly Applewhyte, one of the most incredible portrait makers in Second Life, which definitely deserves a visit. Titled “Allures“, Caly’s portraits in this display are beautiful pieces which are supplemented by complementing sculptures in this gallery with sleek, modern interiors.

La Vie en Noir et Blanc” by Mareea Farrasco – IMAGO Gallery 1

Suzen Juel at IMAGO Gallery 3

Within the past week, two exhibits opened in IMAGOland, the first of course being Mareea’s own exhibit of her black and white work in IMAGO Gallery 1, centering around the avatar and emotions, while the second was a display of Suzen Juel’s art from the physical world in IMAGO Gallery 3 created using a vibrant color palette that she is always fond of and which characterizes her work.

In Childhood the Artist Plays” by Michiel Bechir, SH Tutti and Kisma Riedling – Carmel Art Community

In Childhood the Artist Plays” is a collective exhibit by three artists – Michiel Bechir, SH Tutti and Kisma Reidling, each artist exhibiting their past works from their childhood (or art created based on them as is the case with SH Tutti). This one is a really interesting exhibition at the Carmel Art Community that surely deserves a visit.

Vanity” by Sus Avro – Gallery AI

This week, we also came across Sus Avro’s collage art at Gallery AI, owned and curated by Betty, which is a scathing criticism of the fashion industry, in particular the people within it who keep excessive pride in their outward appearance. Another really thought provoking exhibit with an underlying social statement.

The Flickr Art of Cristiano Midnight at the GP Gallery

Lastly, the GP Gallery, owned by Gabriel Parx, this week displayed the Flickr art of Cristiano Midnight, who is most known for Snapzilla, an easy platform through which Second Life users can share any snapshots they click inworld.

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring the new exhibitions the art world has to offer you.

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