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Weekly Art Recap : Jan 17th – 24th, 2022

The grand SLEA Crystal Carnival, an exhibit by London Junkers, a Idoliza’s sublime exhibition focusing on the delicate tug of war between light and shadow – all in this weekly recap.

We understand that some of our readers might not be able to read every single article or stay updated on the things happening in the SL art world. So every week we will be doing a weekly recap, covering, in short, the major exhibitions and installations which have opened within the past week.

Liminal” by Idoliza – Art Korner Gallery III

Starting off at home, we had the pleasure to host the debut exhibition of a new artist, Idoliza, at Art Korner. Titled Liminal, the exhibit is marked by subtle shadow play, silhouettes and effective use of lighting and contrast to achieve the desired results. Since a large part of Idoliza’s previous work has focused on the use of rather vibrant colors, black and white photography was also a challenge for her personally – a challenge she has managed to complete remarkably well. The exhibit space is completely designed using the various shades of grey, thus accentuating the mood.

The Crystal Gallery – Second Life Endowment for the Arts

One of the major events which kicked off on Sunday, January 23rd was of course the SLEA Crystal Carnival. The Crystal Gallery, curated by Dido Haas and Mihailsk and which lies below the SLEA Bridge Project, features winter-themed artwork from over 80 artists, including some of the biggest names in the art world and definitely deserves a visit.

The Art of Travel – BBB2B

Another themed exhibition, titled The Art of Travel is being held at the Belliseria Fairgrounds on account of the Belliseria Bureau of Bureaucracy’s 2nd Anniversary celebrations. With artists AmandaT Tamatzui (who is also the curator), Melusina Parkin, Bif Mopp, Michiel Bechir and Sisi Biedermann participating, this show is an interesting display of travel photography and art.

Hero” by London Junkers – The Eye Arts

The past week also witnessed two incredible installations by London Junkers and Terry Gold. London’s installation at The Eye Arts, titled Hero, narrates the story of Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist who, against all odds, transformed the lives of many innocent souls by freeing them from the shackles of slavery and oppression.

Rain” by Terry Gold – Terrygold Art Gallery

Terry Gold’s Rain, housed in her own gallery, is an immersive installation which takes you on a journey through a beautifully designed set of rooms with Terry’s own art and words adorning the dark walls. This is one installation which prompts you to think and will leave you completely spellbound.

Masters of Landscape Photography” by Lam Erin and Lori Bailey – Kondor Art Garden

The Kondor Art Garden has a new look and now features an exhibition of landscape photography by artists Lam Erin and Lori Bailey, who are truly, much like the exhibit name, Masters of Landscape Photography. Take a relaxing walk around the garden as you ponder over the work of these amazing artists.

The ArtCare Gallery opened a new exhibition last week featuring the spectacular physical world art of three artists Kayly Iali, April-Louise Turner and Kirle Adamski. The paintings, displayed in large format and utilizing a rather vibrant color palette, are sure to engage any lover of the fine arts.

Apart from the exhibits mentioned above, Rubens Art Gallery has a new exhibition by JudiLynn India, one of the most incredible physical world artists to exhibit her work in the virtual world while The Galleries have a new visiting artist – Giselle Seeker – whose exhibit is definitely an interesting one.


To visit the above exhibits in a rather easy way, consider collecting the weekly Art Korner Exhibits HUD from any one of our kiosks inworld. We have a kiosk at our Main Gallery, along with others at various locations.

You can also join our group or subscribe using the kiosk, which will make sure you receive a new, updated version of the HUD every Monday.

The HUD is really easy to use and offers one touch Teleports to all the exhibits on the grid. Hop on to our tour and start exploring the wonderful world of SL art you never knew existed!

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