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Weekly Art Recap : Jan 31 – Feb 7, 2022

New exhibits in the Art Korner Main Gallery, three artists at the Art Street Galleries of Seiiki, Milena Carbone’s exhibition about the duality of life and light, and much more in this weekly recap!

It was time this week to rotate the exhibitions in the Art Korner Main Gallery and the new artists in the Main Gallery – Deyanira Yalin and Lucid – exhibit works which are very different in their themes, but still complement each other beautifully. Deyanira, a master of the digital art, presents her new series titled “Battre des Blues d’Hiver“, translated to Beat the Winter Blues, which is perfect for the time of the year and uses an oriental theme throughout the works. Blending her sister’s photographs from the physical world and her own photography in Second Life, Deyanira manages to create a beautiful set of images which occupies the ground level of the gallery building.

Battre des Blues d’Hiver” by Deyanira Yalin – Art Korner Main Gallery

Bits and Pieces” by Lucid – Art Korner Main Gallery

Lucid is a first time exhibitor in the virtual world and for her debut exhibit, she uses some quirky camera angles and brilliant composition techniques to focus on some hidden details in the Second Life landscapes one might miss at first glance. In her series “Bits and Pieces“, the hidden beauty of various regions around the grid takes centerstage.

“Handcraft” by Adam Cayden – Art Street Dalleries, Seiiki

The Art Street Galleries of Seiiki, which are curated and owned by Vally (valium.lavender), welcomed the next round of artists – Adam Cayden, Ticha Nyx and Nekonuko Nakamori. Whether it be Ticha’s works in the greyscale, Adam’s photography focused on hands and their interactions, or Nekonuko’s explorations of ValiumSL builds, each artist manages to effectively communicate with visitors and keep them engaged in their craft.

Life Light” by Milena Carbone – The Carbone Studio

Milena Carbone is an artist we all admire and her exhibits are always something to look forward to. Her latest exhibition – “Life Light” – at her very own Carbone Studio utilizes Milena’s classic minimalist style and is definitely worth a visit for any lover of art and photography.

Let It Fly” by Fly Kugin – Luciano’s Bistro & lounge

Fly Kugin’s latest series of watercolors, titled “Let it Fly“, opened at the courtyard of Luciano’s Bistro & Lounge in SL New England with a grand performance by Fly and Luciano themselves. While you are here, also check out her past works at her personal gallery nearby.

Fractal Structures” by Red Bikcin – PsyGallery

When it comes to fractals in Second Life, one of the top names which always comes up is that of Redi (red.bikcin). This week we were greeted to a beautiful exhibit at the PsyGallery, owned and managed by Twister, where Redi and her vibrant fractals created magic in her latest exhibition – “Fractal Structures“.

Inside Maloe’s Mind” by Maloe Vansant – In My Mind Project Gallery

In My Mind Project Gallery is owned and managed by Ava Darkheart, one of the most skilled and evocative photographers in the virtual world. This week the gallery took us inside the mind of artist Maloe Vansant through her poignant, almost surreal works. The works here are available at no cost, so this is a great opportunity for art lovers to collect a few more pieces.

Consulea Hypatia Caldwell – D71 Art Gallery

Brigid Ashwood – Summerisle Gallery

A notice in one of the art groups led us to discover the D71 Art Gallery, a hidden jewel, which opened a new exhibition by Consuela Hypatia Caldwell. Another such discovery for us this week was the Summerisle Gallery in Covenstead, where the art of Brigid Ashwood, another artist we were pleased to discover, was housed.

Burleh’s Point of View” by Burleh Leonard – Kondor Art Square

The Kondor Art Square changed exhibits this week and introduced Burleh Leonard, an artist who excels in cityscapes from the virtual world, often with sepia undertones, thus giving the effect of an aged photograph at times. His eye for detail and composition is something to be noted.

Unity Art Project at ArtCare Gallery

Couleurs at Paris 1900

Two art walks commenced within the past week, the first being a part of Victor Savior’s Unity Art Project at ArtCare Gallery while the other being organized by Michiel Bechir at the Paris 1900 region. A wide range of artists participated in both art walks and both of them allow visitors to enjoy a wider range of work than is possible at a single exhibition.

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring the new exhibitions the art world has to offer you.

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