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Weekly Art Recap : March 14th - 21st, 2022

Selen's immersive exhibition at Art Korner, Purple Leonis' mesmerizing Dark Paradise, a 3D installation by Haveit Neox and much more in this weekly recap!

This week saw the opening of several interesting installations and exhibitions (including one at our very own Art Korner) which will surely leave you mesmerized. Here is a look at some of them!

"The Inner Path" by Selen - Art Korner Gallery II

At Art Korner Gallery II this week, we welcomed a new exhibition - "The Inner Path" - by Selen, an artist who left us impressed with her previous work as well. In this exhibition, Selen leads us on a journey along her inner path on a journey of spirituality and self-discovery littered with moments one can find solace in or identify with themselves.

"Dark Paradise" by Purple Leonis - Art Street Main Gallery, Seiiki

Purple Leonis is best known as the founder and creator of her wonderful tattoo store, Darkness Originals Ink. But what you may not know is that besides making some of the most incredible tattoos inworld, she is also an outstanding photographer. At the Art Street Main Gallery in Seiiki, feel free to explore her "Dark Paradise", an atmospheric exhibition with strong gothic undertones which will leave you amazed at her creativity.

"Golden Light" by Haveit Neox - Ribong Art Space 2336

The Ribong Art Spaces, owned and managed by San (santoshima), always house some incredible exhibits and installations. This week, a new 3D art installation by the extremely creative Haveit Neox, titled "Golden Light", opened and left us all amazed.

Ed. Colonia 2.0 - the GBTH Project

Ed. Colonia is an apartment complex at the GBTH Project in which an apartment in every four storied building is given to an artist to design as they wish. "What would you leave behind if you were to lose yourself?" Different artists attempt to answer this question through the creativity they express in each block.

I art therefore I am - Elven Falls Art Collective

The Elven Falls Art Collective hosted a new set of exhibitions in their four galleries. Giselle Seeker, Treacle Darlandes, Jamee Thomson and Rage Darkstone are all masters of their own style of art and display it in grandeur at these fascinating galleries.

"Visiting Salt Lakes of Florence" by Mareea Farrasco - Ruben's Art Gallery

Marrea Farrasco is an artist who is well-known for her incredible landscapes, rich in color and tone. At Ruben's Art Gallery, she presents a collection of her landscapes all taken at the extremely photogenic build Salt Lakes of Florence.

Giselle Seeker - The Galleries

While Giselle Seeker has an incredible exhibition at Elven Falls, her permanent space at The Galleries also has some new work, which you must check out.

A New Exhibition at the Twisted Gallery

And last but definitely not the least, stalwart artists and photographers such as JudiLynn India, Hermes Kondor, Lika Cameo and Zia Branner among others have put on a beautiful showing at the Twisted Gallery, owned by Amethyst Dovgal. Make sure you check that out as well!

We hope you enjoy this journey through the world of art this week!

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