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Weekly Art Recap : March 7th - 14th, 2022

Two different styles of portraiture, a tribute to Ukrainian warriors and the Story of the Selkie - all in this weekly recap of art exhibitions.

This week, we rotated the exhibitions at the Art Korner Main Gallery. Portraiture is a genre, which can take numerous forms and both our artists in the current exhibits explore this in their own innovative ways. Dannika Dryke is a first time exhibitor in the world of Second Life, while this happens to be Traci's first exhibition of completely new works in a long time.

Traci and Dannika Dryke - Art Korner Main Gallery

The differences in their style is something to be celebrated and appreciated. Danni takes on a more simplistic approach, going for almost minimalist portraits, focusing on detailed depiction of facial features, emotions and subtle shadow play. Traci, meanwhile, prefers to explore the inner depths of a person's character through her work. The faces or the features of most of her subjects are obscured or blurred but what the image brings out is the inner character of the person.

"Apocalypse" by Milena Carbone - Nitroglobus Gallery

A few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, artist Milena Carbone started on her three-part exhibition series, of which the last part - "Apocalypse" - opened in the smaller of the two halls at the Nitroglobus Gallery. It was an intense but fitting conclusion to this series, which saluted the defenders of democracy in Ukraine and explored the resulting emotions, feelings and possible ways moving forward past this event.

"The Story of the Selkie" - Monocle Man Galleries

When it comes to soundscapes or anything with sound involved, Electric Monday is the person everyone turns to. Her incredible region of Bunyi is testament of her expertise in dealing with sounds in the virtual world. With the help of some wonderful photographers, Ele has created a narrative exhibition - "The Story of the Selkie" - at Monocle Man Galleries. Narrated in Ele's beautiful voice which can be heard through a HUD delivered to you upon landing, this exhibit is an incredible blend of voice and art.

"Invisible Cities" by Debora Kaz - The Eye Arts

Debora Kaz's new exhibition - "Invisible Cities" - at The Eye Arts uses the language of wireframe, which is shown as the final product in the pictures, unveiling a poetic beauty in the structural lines that shape bodies, landscapes, houses and the urban centers in this virtual world. The installation is a set of sculptures that suggests the ephemeral and the pain of life.

"RealUnreal" by Axiom - Vibes Art Gallery

In "RealUnreal" at the Vibes Art Gallery, Axiom takes us on a journey from the real to the unreal without constraint and in complete freedom. The art of Axiom shows us how the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world are absolutely blurred and intangible.

Michiel Bechir Gallery
Rainbow Painters Gallery

The Michiel Bechir Gallery now hosts the artwork of three new artists. Joanna Kitten, Cynthia Deere and Modoka Kawabata are all incredibly talented and masters in their own genre. Meanwhile, the Rainbow Painters Gallery opened a new show, with "Artists' Choice" being the quite open-ended theme, allowing artists the freedom to showcase their choice of works.

"Real Light" by Mandel Solano - ArtCare Gallery

Mandel Solano is a name that is almost synonymous with light cubes and particles for years now. At the ArtCare Gallery, one can find his latest exhibition - "Real Light" - a fascinating experience which takes us through a world of mesmerizing shapes, colors and lights.

We hope you enjoy this journey through the world of art this week!

Art Korner Exhibits HUD

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