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White Canvas : A Study of Tattoos by Diconay Boa

Diconay Boa creates magic at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery with her latest exhibition depicting the creativity and sensuality of tattoos in the virtual world.

Note : Some of the images displayed at this exhibition may contain female nudity. Readers who find such images uncomfortable are advised to visit at their own discretion.

Exhibitions at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery are always something I look forward to each month. Last month, Rose Hanry’s stunning exhibit “White Noise” was one that was highly appreciated by everyone in the art community. More recently, “Retrospective” by Sina Souza, an exhibition that opened just last weekend in Dido’s part of the gallery, offered us a glimpse into the artist’s mind as she analyzed her past in a moment of self-reflection.

The latest exhibition in the main hall of the Nitroglobus Gallery is by an artist and photographer who happens to be one of my personal favorites – Diconay Boa. Titled “White Canvas“, this exhibition by Dico is a fascinating study of an art form that is often neglected by many – the art of tattoos.

White Canvas” by Diconay Boa – Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

People get tattoos for several reasons – peer pressure, media influence, depiction of individuality, cultural traditions, identification with a group and sometimes even the result of a drunken stupor. For most, it is a combination of many things along with being a medium of artistic expression.

Tattoos differ in the real world and the virtual world in many ways. In the physical world, once you get inked, it stays with you for a lifetime, while in a virtual space like Second Life, changing your tattoo is simply a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. This lack of permanence allows us to use our skins as a blank canvas in the virtual world to be filled with our memories, feelings and emotions.

White Canvas” is Dico’s interpretation of the works of various tattoo artists in SL. She showcases several tattoos in this exhibition, ranging from just a small one on the forehead to some large ones covering significant portions of her body. To do so effectively, she makes excellent use of shadows and contrast to heighten the visual appeal of the image. From delicate florals to sensual lettering, each tattoo acts as the subject of the photograph, amplified by Diconay Boa’s brilliance in image composition and lighting.

White Canvas” by Diconay Boa – Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

For Dico, tattoos represent a blend of creativity and sensuality. This is evident in her works where she uses the tattoos to accentuate the curves of her body and the smoothness of her skin. Every small detail is brought to the fore through the moody lighting she uses in her images.

To complement the tone of this exhibition, new EEP settings have been designed for the gallery by artist Livio Korobase (known for his recent build Orange). As always, Dido Haas has curated the decor of the gallery well, this time making use of another of Nitro’s excellent sculptures – “High Emotions“.

White Canvas” by Diconay Boa at the Nitroglobus Gallery is an engaging and enthralling display that manages to draw you into the art effortlessly. Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

Exhibition Opening at 2 pm SLT on Sunday, May 9th with music by Electric Monday!

Tip : While you are here, please don’t forget to follow the trail of black footprints on the ground to visit “Retrospective” by Sina Souza.

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