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White Noise : Welcome to Rose Hanry’s Nightmares !

In this insightful interview, artist Rose Hanry talks about her upcoming exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery and the personal struggles which inspired it.

Note : Some of the images displayed at this exhibition may contain female nudity. Readers who find such images uncomfortable are advised to visit at their own discretion.

Some people tend to look at art as a representation of something physical. Many artists have challenged this view through the centuries and thanks to them, it is now generally accepted that art is not a representation, but actually an expression. Rather than depicting the state of the external world, art tends to reflect the inner state of the artist. It is an outer manifestation of an inner state.

Rose Hanry’s upcoming exhibition at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, titled “White Noise“, is one that is intimately related to the inner feelings of the artist.

“I would call it one of the most personal exhibitions I have done so far”, says Rose, as I chat with her. “It directly relates to what I am living and what I am feeling.”

Rose had a surgery which did not go well and left her with a constant noise in her head. The title of the exhibition refers to this constant “white noise” in her head that she lives with every single day.

She tells me, “This illness I have is not something that shows like a broken leg. It is completely internal. Sometimes we meet people and we have no idea what they are experiencing in reality.”

Located in the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, “White Noise” reflects Rose’s internal state of mind as she grapples with the constant noise in her head. In every work of art she creates, Rose makes her own poses and does so rather beautifully to reflect her exact emotions and feelings. The background is drowned out in a sea of white, similar to the white noise that obscures all other sounds.

Rose recalls, “I remember, I did an exhibition at IMAGO Art Gallery with a summer theme. I transformed the whole gallery into a beach. But for the background, I used the sounds of nature – the song of the birds, the crashing of waves. I lost the ability to hear those sounds due to the constant noise in my head and I wanted visitors to my exhibition to hear these sounds and cherish them as I never can.”

Rose has not had an easy life. Through her poses and the incredible play of light, she attempts to express what she lives and feels every breathing moment. As we stroll around the gallery looking at the magnificent artwork, we get a glimpse into her thoughts and feelings as she deals with this white noise. Sometimes she is strong and tries to fight and look ahead; at other times, she falls down, feeling lost.

But make no mistake, this is not the exhibition of a defeated woman. Rose is anything but that.

Somewhere in her art, there is also hope. She recalls words of the Dalai Lama that help her tremendously in the hardest times – “If you have a problem do not worry, it is only a matter of time till you find the right way to solve it. If the problem doesn’t have a solution, do not worry… it is only a matter of time till you accept the problem is already solved.”

Rose’s first exhibition in Second Life was in the Good Cross challenge a few years ago when she was challenged by Good Cross, one of the most incredible artists on the grid, to present three photos based on a song which he gave her. Rose, who always loves a good challenge, picked it up immediately. Since then, whenever she feels really down, she logs on to SL and creates a picture based on a song. Art is a medium through which she relieves her heart of any saltiness present.

Last year, Rose presented an extremely touching and emotional exhibition – “Feelings” – at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

“Dido always supports me and gives me ample space to express what I want”, says Rose. “She gives me a free hand on what I want to do.”

Apart from the incredible art works, what is special about the Nitroglobus Gallery is the outstanding sculptures which curator and owner Dido Haas puts on display. Some of them belong to her former partner Nitro Firegaard and serve as a memory of him after his sad demise a few years ago. But some others are more recent creations like the sculpture by Jadeyu Fhang which was a part of KHAOS.

This time around, Dido introduces a new sculpture – “Outside of the Box – There is No Box” by Giovanna Cerise – which occupies a prominent position in the display. The fascinating display of artwork at the Nitroglobus Gallery gives Rose’s beautiful works the respect and grandeur they deserve.

White Noise” by Rose Hanry at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery will be opening on Monday, April 12th at 12 pm SLT with music by DJ hEIN and will be open for public viewing till the first week of May.

Click HERE to visit this exhibition inworld.

More of Rose Hanry’s work can be seen on her FLICKR page.

Additional Tip : While at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, also check out “Bare Skins” by Dido Haas and Traci Ultsch in Dido’s part of the gallery!

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