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Wohlfuehloase : Laureen’s Winter Wonderland

Try out some ice skating, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or simply relax at one of the many hidden spots present throughout this fascinating build.

Winter is coming… and we are all excited for it! The first snow, the snowball fights and just the sheer comfort of cozying up with your loved one, wrapped in a warm blanket while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate are memories which stay with us for a long time. Along with the onset of winter, as always, a number of winter-themed destinations spring up around the grid, waiting for visitors to explore them.

The first winter-themed destination on my blog is a hidden gem in Second Life which has been up every year for a few years on landscaper Laureen’s private parcel which she opens up to public during the winters. Wohlfuehloase is situated on a platform high above the region of FairChang Triton. Designed by one of my favorite landscapers, Laureen, this incredible winter-themed location definitely ranks among some of my top picks for winter every year.

Wohlfuehloase – FairChang Triton

While Laureen’s Winter Wonderland occupies a much smaller space than some other winter-themed destinations, it is a place full of peace, love and joy – the three emotions which best define the spirit of Christmas. The landing point is located in the middle of a frozen ice pond that also doubles as a skating rink. Free skates can be found here as well.

Towards the edge of the pond, a small shop offers visitors a much-needed cup of hot chocolate. With snowfall happening all over this build, a cup of hot chocolate lends the much needed warmth in an otherwise-icy setting. Nearby, a Christmas cart offers balloons, Santa hats, cookies and gingerbread. The beauty of a romantic winter full of happiness can be experienced all around this build.

Wohlfuehloase – FairChang Triton

From the pond, an ice-covered stone pathway leads off towards the south and one can follow this around to visit the entire build. Laureen is a true nature lover and this can be seen in any of her builds. A stroll through Wohlfuehloase will make you feel one with nature as a variety of trees, birds and animals can be found throughout. From cute-looking snowy owls to majestic reindeer, Laureen incorporates some beautiful creatures throughout her build.

There are some elements of fun within the build too! A snowman lobs snowballs at you as you pass along the pathway at one point while the sight of a sleigh train with cute-looking teddies seated on it will surely bring a smile to your face. On the southwestern end of the build, near the sleigh train, an elegant seat made from branches offers couples the chance to spend a moment of peace and tranquility in each others’ company before proceeding ahead on their journey.

Wohlfuehloase – FairChang Triton

After you have finished wandering around, you can come back to the southwestern edge of the pond where some wooden chairs, hot chocolate and cookies have been laid out around a fire. This is a great place to sit around with your friends or your partner and enjoy a good chat. Laureen is a sweet, friendly person and loves to chat with visitors. This is also a good place to meet new people, connect and make friends.

Wohlfuehloase is a German word which roughly translates to “a place that makes you feel good” and this build is definitely one of the places where you will feel comfortable, safe and at peace with the world. Laureen designs a number of private parcels for clients, but this is one of her builds which she always keeps open for people to enjoy every winter.

Wohlfuehloase – FairChang Triton

This incredible winter wonderland will stay open till the advent of the new year and we are sure once you visit it, you will want to come back again to enjoy the intimate feel, the friendly atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings.


  1. Wohlfuehloase – FairChang Triton

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