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Wolfgang Glinka : Remembering Blue at Sinful Retreat

A collection of poetry by Wolfgang Glinka debuts at Sinful Retreat, looking at various phases of his life through a unique perspective obtained after recovering from a life-threatening condition.

Poetry and art share an intimate relationship. For centuries, art has inspired poets and poetry, in turn, has inspired artist. If you consider a broader definition of art, then I would not hesitate to say that poetry is one of the many forms art takes. Good pieces of poetry have the ability to inspire, motivate, educate and evoke many different emotions within readers.

For years, I was used to reading poetry from a book, but had never heard it from the author themselves. My first experience with it totally left me spellbound. The author, knowing each and every nuance in the writing, is able to convey the meaning and the emotions to the listeners in a way that reading it is never able to. The introduction of Voice in Second Life has enabled many poets to recite their work at a number of poetry cafes across the grid.

Remembering Blue by Wolfgang Glinka at Sinful Retreat

Wolfgang Glinka is a name that is amongst the most well-known when it comes to poetry and art. He runs the Glinka Gallery as well as hosts a long-running weekly poetry event known as Wolfie’s Poetry Surf. On Tuesday June 22nd, at 2 pm SLT, a new show by Wolfgang titled “Remembering Blue” premieres on the Sinful Retreat region in a location designed specifically for this display.

The story behind how Wolfgang started on his journey into poetry is simply amazing and is what really caught my attention. Many years ago, Colin Bell (Wolfgang, in RL) suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage. The severity of this injury was so great that it released many hidden and repressed feelings. A life-threatening incident such as this one often changes a person and it made Colin focus his mind on what life really meant and should mean for him.

Remembering Blue by Wolfgang Glinka at Sinful Retreat

In many way, awakening from the coma was like a rebirth for him. The poems in his debut collection – “Remembering Blue” – were written over the course of ten years as Colin recovered and rehabilitated. During this time period, he remembered and decoded several phases of his life like childhood, adolescence and adulthood, while also assessing several relationships formed over the years. Most importantly, through his poetry, Colin explores what is really important to him now that he is fully recovered.

As one enters the venue, beautifully designed by LashVV and Idrial Ghost specifically for this grand display, one is greeted by a sea of blue that goes really well along with the beautiful poetry. The exhibition contains eighteen poems from “Remembering Blue” which are complemented perfectly by Wolfgang’s RL photography. The center of the venue is covered in fog and mist, giving the entire place a dreamlike atmosphere.

Remembering Blue by Wolfgang Glinka at Sinful Retreat

As I wander through this place while reading the poetry, I can’t help but wonder how beautiful it would be to hear this from Wolfgang (or Colin) himself.

On Tuesday June 22nd at 2 pm SLT, we have a chance to do just that – lose ourselves in Wolfgang’s beautiful poetry recited by the man himself. Following will be a musical set by DJ Jewell, making this a perfect evening dedicated to the love of art, poetry and music.

Click HERE to visit “Remembering Blue” by Wolfgang Glinka at Sinful Retreat. Don’t miss the poetry reading at 2 pm SLT on Tuesday, June 22nd!

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