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World Peace - An Art & Photo Project by Viktor Savior

This new project by artist and photographer Viktor Savior is something all photographers should look into. Let us join hands together and make a statement for world peace.

The idea for the "World Peace Project" was carried by Viktor Savior as continue his photo shooting project in March, 2022. Now, this idea grew up in special interactive art object titled "WORLD PEACE".

Collaboration with: Alial Allen (fantasy illumination), Djembe Dragonfire (FaceDesk), Max L'vovich (scripting)

The art object comprises of a globe in hands with countries' dots over it. When you click on any country's dot, you will see a photo above the globe and text in local chat about World Peace. This photograph will be visible for 10 seconds and then disappear.

This art object will be exhibited in various Art Galleries and events in SL for general access.

This project opened for everyone to participate and express your opinion for peace in the whole world.

YOU may take a part and speak on behalf of your country wearing your NATIONAL outfit.

You can take a photo of your avatar (half body) and send as texture inworld to Viktor Savior (ViktorSavior). Please don't forget to mention your country. If you feel, you can't take a nice picture, please ask us and we will take photograph of you with pleasure.

P.S. Dove of Peace you may complement your outfit

This is a message we desire to express:

I am (my nationality), stand here with my brothers and sisters from over the world as one Family and express my will and position to say NO to any wars or diseases which were, are and will be in our World. I give everyone my hand full of help, hope and love. I want ALL people live in Peace and be healthy doing my best personally and express the best example myself. Thank you!

For any questions/queries, please contact Viktor Savior (ViktorSavior)


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