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WORMHOLE GALLERY by Regi Yifu at Artsville

Art Korner and ValiumSL present Regi Yifu's fascinating installation at Artsville, which will leave you dazzled.

A new installation art 3D artist Regi Yifu - Wormhole Gallery - opens in Artsville on Wednesday, July 13th at 1 pm SLT. DJ Yifu will spin some amazing tunes for the party.

This crazy, fun Wormhole Gallery created by Regi Yifu is like a thrilling roller coaster ride through a world of colors in motion. The moving colors will disorient you and dazzle you at the same time as you make your way through this incredible gallery.

If you want the textures to move along with you, enter through the left. If you want the textures to move against you, enter through the right. Both can be very different experiences.

Throughout the gallery, you will find paintings by Sofi (bachi.cheng) which are interactive.

You can explore this gallery on foot or by making use of the Lil Squatty UFO by Regimade, which can be rezzed at the entrance to the installation.

Recommended Settings:

  • Please accept the Regimade experience, which will be offered to you at the entrance of the installation. The experience will automatically change your EEP Settings to Phototools - No Light.

  • Alternatively, you can open Quick Preferences and click the X at the bottom to see Shared Environment.

  • Please enable Advanced Lighting Model in the list of Shaders under Graphics Tab in Preferences Window.

We hope you enjoy Regi's installation as much as we do!



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